The Potential of AI and Human Collaboration

Sudeshna Dutta

27th Oct'20
The Potential of AI and Human Collaboration | OpenGrowth

There is currently an overblown concern of AI taking over human workers; however, inevitably, human beings have to make use of AI to enhance their lives. Three key commercial enterprise methods can be more desirable via AI described below.


Three commercial key of AI and Human Collaboration:

1. Automation

Automation is a key section of AI technology. It can be speedy and low-priced to put in force into your cutting-edge enterprise compared to the different uses. Instead of automating abilities that require a ton of human interplay and guidance, AI can help decrease the human time spent on back-office administrative and economic activities. 


2. Insights

Using a computer, it’s viable to use AI to predict and perceive traits in giant quantities of information and information.  It’s feasible to use facts in order to predict a customer’s shopping for patterns in positive industries. Credit card buy records can be used in Machine Learning to predict shopping for patterns for client companies. Supply Chain Management can be more desirable to examine bottlenecks and discover approaches to restore them.

AI can be used to assist people in several factors of the business. Business ideas using AI, it’s no longer convenient to impose AI technology. It requires a ton of work to alternate personnel’s attitudes and assists them in advancing new skills. First, it’s tough to trade an employee’s confidence in AI technology. How do we persuade a medical doctor that an application can realize lung cancer more than the medical doctors themselves? Through sluggish adoption and empirical evidence, human beings can be convinced.


Ai and human Collaboration


3. Engagement

Human engagement with clients and customers makes up a large section of customer service. Through the implementation of chatbots, client providers are now 24/7 imparting to customers. Instead of paying for three 8-hour shifts, investing in a chatbot and dealing with the fundamental questions can limit outsourced call centers' wants.

In turn, AI agents can assist people with information gathering, data crunching, routine customer service, and physical labor, thereby freeing them for higher-level tasks that require leadership, creative thinking, judgment, and other human skills. Let's read more in this article.


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