The Psychology Of Selling: By Brian Tracy

About the Author: Brian Tracy

His expertise in the field of economics, history, business, philosophy, and psychology has inspired and guided thousands over the span of 30 years. Brian Tracy, Chairman, and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company working in the training and development of individuals and organizations have written, spoken, and researched on the above subjects for 30 years, 

He has authored approximately 45 books that have maintained the top-selling rank and have been translated into various languages. He has also written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning proposals, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 20 languages.

His most touted programs mainly focus on teaching authors how to write a book and guiding public speakers to create successful careers. His talk sessions with the corporate and public audience on the subjects of personal and professional development comprise the executives and leaders staff of America’s largest corporations. 

Let us take you through the cover pages where the author has shared his thoughts and ideas on various areas of his expertise. 


Psychology of book selling


About the Book: 

This book mainly talks about the ideas, strategies, and techniques that can be used to make effective sales faster and easier than before. Every time a sales executive has opted in for his techniques, this commitment has been fulfilled by Brian. 

Tracy tells several actions to give people different units or extents of satisfaction. Your prospects want to obtain as many of these units as possible with every purchase. They want to be better off physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. The more your product can convince your prospect, the more incentive there is to buy.

He suggests tapping into a few areas to help people formulate a decision -- and avoiding a few as well:


psychology of books Sales executive



Identify a prospect’s emotional importance - Find out what your prospect values and how to promote that your product/service honors those values.

Consider how it will make others think - Before a prospect buys, they consider how their manager, colleagues, and clients will acknowledge. Predict this, and alter your sales strategy accordingly.


Concentrate on price and quality - These aren’t reasons to buy, so don’t use them as such when making a sale. 

Tracy’s The Psychology of Books Selling proceeds to be one of the most popular books on sales. It is filled with simple to understand insights, techniques, and strategies that can benefit even the most novice salesperson become part of top-performing salespeople in no time.


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