The Rise and Need of Social Gaming in Current Scenario

The Rise and Need of Social Gaming in Current Scenario | OpenGrowth

Social-network game is a form of online game that competes through social networks. They generally feature multiplayer gameplay mechanics. Social-network games were originally enforced as browser games. As mobile gaming took off, the games shifted to mobile similarly.

Major companies that made or published social-network games include Zynga, Wooga, Bigpoint Games, Gameforge, Goodgame Studios, MegaZebra, 5 Minutes, Playfish, Plinga, Playdom, Kabam, Crowdstar, RockYou and Booyah. 

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Integration of social games within social networking sites

Online social games are becoming a significant component in today's social media sites. The social networking sites’ surroundings has provided a platform for online games to develop and expand within the virtual medium. Users are currently ready to play games on-line, compare scores, and challenge one another among several other things. 

Because of the various user demographics of social media sites, numerous motivations for taking part in social games emerge. The necessity for this analysis was to answer the question of whether or not the integration of social games within social networking sites and apps has gained the chance of the audience taking part in those games.

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Social gaming online

Social Network Games Demographics

As of 2010, it absolutely was according to that 55% of the social network gaming demographic within the US consisted of girls whereas, in the UK, girls created up nearly 60% of the demographic. Additionally, most social networking gamers were round the thirty to fifty-nine age range, with the common social gamer being forty-three years previous.

Social network games might charm a lot of to the older demographic as a result of being free, its easier to advance through during a short amount of your time, and doesn't involve the maximum amount of violence as ancient video games. However, it’s essential that one must balance both Gaming and social interaction otherwise a time will come when everyone is busy without any social interaction.

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17th Oct'23 08:59:40 PM

This article is very insightful and relevant to the current situation. Social gaming is not only a source of entertainment, but also a way of connecting with others and maintaining mental health. I agree with the author that social can foster creativity, collaboration, and empathy among players. I especially liked the examples of social games that have positive impacts on society, such as Among Us, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft. Thank you for sharing this article!