The Startup's Guide to make an Explainer Video


19th Oct'20

What is an Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are short and engaging videos, designed to throw light on the offerings of business while guiding the viewer on how the solution might work. These videos are great at simplifying even the most technical solition, such that the layperson can easily understand. The reason they are called explainer videos is that they detail how a product works in just a few seconds or minutes. Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that stimulate both auditory and visual senses of the viewer and help in understanding faster. It is used by companies to explain their product or service. 


Types of Explainer videos:


  1. Live-Action Explainer Videos: Live action explainer videos are video footage which is used by the companies for selling physical products or people-oriented service.
  2. Animated explainer videos: Animated explainer videos are short animated videos that are used by the companies for making a more memorable advertisement for the customer.
  3. Whiteboard explainer video: Whiteboard explainer videos are short explainer videos in which animation hands are drawn and erased on a whiteboard to explain to the viewers about the business.


Know how to design a good explainer video to capture the intended audience's attention:


1. Writing an interesting Script

The first step is to write an explainer video script by an understanding of what videos would the audience wants to watch and give them reasons to like the product.

2. Built a creative team

The company needs to create a creative team for the development process. A successful business cannot be run alone, teamwork is a success.

3. Proper marketing 

The videos need to be placed in the prime spot and optimizing place where the audience’s attention. 


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An Explainer Video: a simple way to spread the word 


An explainer video is a trendy way to spread the word about business. An explainer video is not only one of the best and most creative ways to introduce the brand to the public but also a great way to achieve a significant jump in sales. However, such results will be possible only when your animated videos are informative, easy to understand and attractive, all at the same time. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website's home page, or a prominent product page. If an explainer video is made properly then it can be a great tool to boost sales. So, they need to be created innovatively for the company’s growth.



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