The Top Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Potentials of Women

Anurag Paul

27th Feb'23
The Top Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Potentials of Women | OpenGrowth

Women are no longer bound by traditional gender roles, and as such, have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness in whatever field they choose. However, this doesn't mean that women have it easy - there are still many factors that can hold them back from achieving their full potential as entrepreneurs. In this article, we'll take a look at the top five of these factors and how you can overcome them to maximize your entrepreneurial potential as a woman.


What are the Traits of an Entrepreneur? 

Entrepreneurship is a unique and often difficult process that requires creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and determination. There are many different traits that make up an entrepreneur, but some of the most common include: being self-motivated, having strong problem-solving skills, and being able to take charge. Another important factor is having an entrepreneurial mindset—the belief that starting and running your own business can be a rewarding experience. Finally, success as an entrepreneur often comes down to networking and building relationships with other business owners.


What are the top 5 factors influencing entrepreneurial potential of women?

There are many factors influencing entrepreneurial potentials of women. Some of the key ones include:


  1. Education and training: 

A person's level of education and training can play a big role in their ability to start and run their own business. This includes things like having a degree in business, technical or engineering, or other relevant fields. It also includes any certifications or licenses that may be required for the job.


  1. Experience: 

Having experience working in a business setting can also help a person develop the skills they need to succeed as an entrepreneur. This includes things like having worked in sales, management, or other roles that give you firsthand knowledge of how businesses operate.

Factors influencing an entreprenuer

  1. Networking: 

A strong network of friends, family members, and other professionals can help a person get started in business. Building relationships and finding ways to collaborate is important for any new venture, so networking can be crucial for women as well as men looking to start their own businesses.


  1. Passion: 

Having a strong passion for what you do is key if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you're passionate about your product or service, customers will likely feel the same way and be more likely to buy into your vision.


  1. Commitment: 

It takes commitment to succeed as an entrepreneur – both physically and mentally – so having the right mindset is important. Being able to stay focused on your goals regardless of obstacles is necessary if you want your business to succeed.


Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship 

While women make up over half the population, they only account for around 27% of entrepreneurs. This discrepancy is largely due to gender stereotypes and social conditioning that dissuade women from starting businesses. The following are five factors that influence a woman's propensity to become an entrepreneur:

1. Identity development

A woman's identity development is influenced by her self-concept, which includes her beliefs about herself and how she sees herself in relation to others. When a woman feels confident in who she is and what she can do, she is more likely to take risks and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.


2. Social supports

Women frequently rely on social support networks to get them through tough times. These networks provide positive reinforcement and emotional support, which encourages women to take on new challenges. When women have access to supportive networks, they are more likely to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, Amy Thompson, who is trying to empower women through health and wellbeing, is one of the famous women entrepreneurs providing social and emotional support to individuals.


3. Role modeling

Role modeling is one of the most powerful influences on a child's development, including their propensity to become an entrepreneur. A woman's exposure to successful female role models will encourage her to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. When women have access to successful female role models, they are more likely to take on new challenges and reach their full potential as entrepreneurs.


4. Self-esteem development

Self-esteem is important for both men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship, but it plays a particularly important role for women because of the discrimination they face in the business world. When a woman has high self-esteem, she is more likely to take risks and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.


5. Beliefs about the business world

Beliefs about the business world are important for both men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship, but they play a particularly important role for women because of the discrimination they face in the business world. When a woman has positive beliefs about the business world, she is more likely to take on new challenges and reach her full potential as an entrepreneur.


How can you improve your chances of becoming an entrepreneur?


There are a number of tips that every women entrepreneur must consider before starting their journey. Some key factors include:

  • Having a clear idea of what you want to create or become involved in 

  • Being passionate about your venture and having the drive to see it through to completion 

  • Having a supportive network of family and friends 

  • Being willing to take risks, be flexible, and not give up easily

  • Owning your own success 

  • Having good business sense


What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur can have many benefits, such as increased financial security, access to new opportunities, and a sense of control over one's own life. Here are five of the top reasons women should consider becoming entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurial benefits

1.Increased financial security: 

Forbes study shows successful female entrepreneurs earn 50% more than their male counterparts. This is likely due in part to the fact that entrepreneurship offers unique opportunities for growth and career progression that are not always available in traditional working environments. Additionally, being an entrepreneur can lead to significant wealth creation through the development and sale of innovative products or services.


2. Access to new opportunities: 

As an entrepreneur, you are in control of your own destiny. This means that you can identify and seize new opportunities that may not be available to others. By starting your own business, you can gain access to a wide range of unique skills and knowledge that will enhance your career prospects later on.


3. A sense of control over your life: 

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for both your own success and failures. This type of responsibility provides a sense of independence and self-reliance that is often lacking in conventional jobs. It also gives you the opportunity to create something from nothing - something that few people ever have the chance to experience.


4. Increased creativity & innovation: 

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly challenged to come up with new ways to solve problems or meet customer demands. This creative environment stimulates the development of innovative ideas and leads to the creation of new products and services.


5. Greater flexibility & opportunity for career growth: 

As an entrepreneur, you are able to work from anywhere in the world, which gives you greater flexibility and opportunities for career growth. In addition, starting your own business allows you to take on a greater degree of responsibility and leadership than you may be able to achieve in a conventional job.


How Does Gender Affect Our Entrepreneurial Potential?

Gender affects our entrepreneurial potential in a number of ways. 


  • First, women are more likely to start businesses in fields that are traditionally seen as female-dominated, such as health and wellness, childcare, and fashion. 

  • Second, women typically have different goals and expectations than men when it comes to work and entrepreneurship. 

  • Women want to be able to balance their personal and professional lives while also having a successful business, whereas men may be more focused on making money quickly or achieving specific milestones within their business. 

  • Finally, society often puts limitations on what women can do, which can limit their potential as entrepreneurs. For example, women are often discouraged from pursuing business degrees or starting their own businesses in conservative cultures.



Women are more likely to start businesses than men, but they often lack the confidence and skills needed to take their businesses to the next level. In this article, we have outlined the key factors that influence entrepreneurial potential in women. By understanding these factors and working to improve upon them, you can help female entrepreneurs reach their full potential and create thriving businesses!

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