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15th Jul'20
The World of OTT | OpenGrowth

Over the top (OTT) refers to film and television content provided on a platform through a high-speed Internet connection instead of cable or satellite provider. In today's technology-driven world with the abundance of connected devices crossing 2 billion and growing, the movement from cable viewing to Over-The-Top (OTT) is natural. It offers the flexibility to watch one’s favourite TV shows across a spectrum of connected devices, something which the conventional model of cable viewing cannot offer due to technological restrictions. From OTT platforms that specialize across Windows and Mac operating systems to iPhones and Android-based phones as well as televisions across technologies.

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One of the important components of OTT is that it offers numerous layers of audience targeting. Different audience can be targeted depending on the platform. Mostly OTT platforms are targeted to the age group of 20-35 and who have an interest in watching film/series online.

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The exceptional social distancing measures which include the shutting down of movie halls have made people turn to OTT (over-the-top) platforms for entertainment, directing to a rise in online video consumption. In the lockdown period, quality content on OTT platforms is in enormous demand. There is an increase of 80 per cent audience who are consuming digital content from the time lockdown started and the graph is moving high.

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This year was filled with an abundance of digital advancements driven by the growing smart home market and modifications in wireless with the addition of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies. One of the extensively talked about topics of OTT trends is the growth of the video streaming market. In 2019, Disney launched the incredibly anticipated Disney+ streaming service. The service gained an initial 10 million subscribers. Around the same time, Apple launched its OTT service: Apple TV+. Apple’s streaming service boasts an ad-free streaming experience with recent exclusive and original movies and shows. 

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