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The Worst Charging Mistake could Ruin your iPhone Battery!

Supriti Tripathy

14th Feb'22
The Worst Charging Mistake could Ruin your iPhone Battery! | OpenGrowth

Technology has enriched our lives with the most modern gadgets, and one of the extravagant series of gadgets we have been introduced to is the Apple iPhone. Although its product range is unique (with the upcoming mixed reality device) that splashes brilliant features, it also makes us extremely heedful of handling its products. The intricacy of the mechanism that enables the gadgets to function is so delicate and specific it might push you to rethink how you use them. Time for you to reflect if you are making these iPhone battery charging mistakes that could slowly poison your iPhone battery health.


What's in the Detail?

Well, you must be wondering why we are so concerned about charging the iPhone. It's not like we are making it the product of the year. Below three reasons will justify the necessity for it.

1. It is a high-end gadget.

2. Its specifications are different from other smartphones.

3. Numerous instructions (the safe to use smartphone instructions) from the internet blind us.

Let's look at some of the charging mistakes you could be making with your iPhone.


6 Mistakes to Avoid While Charging

1. Do not Use Other Phone Chargers

We are prone to seeking handy third-party chargers but do not forget a slight mistake can pose a risk of injury or death. Always use Apple manufactured charger for your gadget as any other brand or local charger could disrupt the parts of the phone. So even if you have misplaced your charger or lost it, go for an original one. Spending a few bucks is always preferable to running for repairs after the damage.


2. Find the Safe Spot

Your all-new Apple iPhone must be in a proper place when you are charging it. Also, covering the phone while charging or placing it on a wet surface could seriously pose health risks to you as phones emit harmful radiation while charging. There have been many accidents reported due to the mishandling of phones while charging.


3. Restore Battery

One of the iPhone battery charging mistakes is to forget that they too have a shelf life, after which the performance decreases. Hence, it is a good practice to restore your battery with another Apple-manufactured battery for your model once in two years. Again, please do not rely on third-party brands to get another battery, as it can seriously ruin your iPhone.


4. Utilize Optimised Battery Charging Feature

iPhone batteries are made of lithium ions with chemical fluid to enhance battery life and performance. However, the liquid reduces with time, and the battery loses effectiveness. Optimized Battery Charging extends the battery's life by delaying charging your phone past 80%. This way, the battery lasts longer. You can switch on this feature by heading into Settings>Battery>Battery Health>Optimised Battery Charging.


5. Keep your iPhone Away from Damaged Chargers

We often forget to replace our damaged chargers and tend to place our phones on charge using chargers with damaged pins or wires. Well, as a result, you could cause impairment to your iPhone battery health or witness a fire or electric shock emanating from your iPhone. Learn to replace damaged cables, chargers, or accessories when using your iPhone.

Using damaged chargers

6. Refrain From Overcharging

Well, it's time to bade a farewell to the habit of overcharging your phones and laptop. Because as you do so, you subconsciously reduce battery life. The voltage generated by the current causes pressure on your battery. So the iPhone battery charging mistake you can avoid today is keeping it on after 100%. In fact, a charge anywhere between 30-80 percent is ideal for battery sustenance.


Maximizing Performance

Here is a list of what you can do to get your iPhone battery running fast and have a bigger life.


  • Do not expose your device to higher temperatures. Anywhere between 16 degrees to 32 degrees is ideal for your iPhone battery health.
  • Get rid of the iPhone case when you are putting your phone to charge to avoid overheating the phone.
  • Do not store your iPhone battery fully discharged for long periods as it becomes incapable of holding charge when that happens.
  • Similarly, do not store your iPhone fully charged as it causes the same issue as mentioned above.
  • Always go for software updates as keeping your iPhone up-to-date improves your iPhone battery health.
  • Be aware of optimization through auto-brightness and low power mode to improve your battery health.
  • Track your battery usage by various apps and control the operation to extend the battery life.
  • Push notifications for apps that wake your iPhone display with notifications. The lesser the display activates, the longer and better the iPhone performs.
  • Practice turning the airplane mode on when you are in a low coverage area to increase battery life.
  • Turn off the Wifi when you are not using it so that there is no extra power consumption and your iPhone battery health isn't compromised.



To sum up, we are all proud of the technologically advanced gadgets that give us a peek at the automated future and comfortable lifestyle. However, as mentioned in the article, we need to avoid making these iPhone battery charging mistakes and other mistakes while handling our gadgets. The more cautious we are, the longer our devices will last. So, what charging mistakes have cost you a bomb? 


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