2022- The Year of Read-It-Later Apps in Trend

Supriti Tripathy

23rd Jan'22
2022- The Year of Read-It-Later Apps in Trend | OpenGrowth

Since we have got social media apps in our lives, we have been in the grip of distractions. The joy of scrolling feeds on our Facebook and Instagram accounts has often been renamed as getting enriched with worldwide information. But the fact is most of us have lost the urge to read authentic content anymore mindfully, and the result is our inability to make informed decisions. Thankfully the web has many pros to it as cons; with the latest read-it-later apps in trends, people can ensure that they don’t miss out on anything important. What is the importance of read-it-later apps, and why 2022 is panning out as the best time for such apps?


What are Read-it-later Apps?

When you casually browse through the web for clarity on something, you can stumble upon many pages with some other information. You may find them interesting and want to read them up, but the time constraint would stop you. What do you do? You can queue that article, news, or blog to read at a later point in time. The scope of the read later idea is immense, from adding articles to bookmarks and favorites bar to offline viewing and cross-syncing across platforms. It implies that the market-product fit is changing the market pattern.


use of read-it-later apps


Some of the read-it-later apps are Pocket, Instapaper, Safari reading list, emailthis, Facebook save, send to kindle, etc. They are all designed by software developers, who consider the voice of the customer questionnaire and evaluate the apps before releasing them.


Significance of Read-it-later Apps

  • Saves Time

By not hoarding the reading pages with unnecessary extras, the read-it-later apps save a lot of time.


  • It Lets you Assess Content Offline

You can download content to your tablet, laptop, or phone and assess them offline as well. 


  • It Lets you Open Multiple Pages

You can access multiple pages with read-it-later apps by minimizing the current page. You need not worry about changing the device because it saves directly to your account.


look of apps in iphone


  • Saves Articles to Email in a Single Click

You can save articles to your email or bookmark the articles page with a single click—no hassles and no confusion.


  • Slurps Content-Eliminating Ads and Popups

Read-it-later apps keep your interest captivated with the article you open up by keeping it visually appealing (not giving too much information on one page). They also take care of the ads and other web pages by letting you read what you really care about.


  • The Layout Helps you Choose Content Matching your Mood

The read-it-later apps in the trend display their layout in magazine-style. This feature helps you get engaged to the content that visually interests you, thereby reducing your time to figure out what do you want to see.


  • Easy Reference

Read-it-later apps in trend help you highlight content from the time you actually left working on them. They save your progress in the article and allow you to work on it at your convenience. The tags and folders help you organize your archive of articles.


How To Make the Best of Read-it-later Apps?

Now that you understand the importance of read-it-later apps, it is time to make optimum use of them. Learn to evaluate corporate strategy of the product-market fit. Read it later apps’ browser extension saves the content to these apps when you save something off the web. The vital thing to do here is to allow web crawlers to crawl through the web and pull article content. Of course, tags and color schemes and organizing and highlighting content help a great deal to sort articles, yet you must also learn to filter and eliminate what you really do not need among the many sites.


magazine layout


You can sell your content, too, with the help of read-it-later apps. Ensure you enable technicalities so that users feel comfortable saving your content on their apps. With the pinning feature like that on Pinterest, you can encourage users to look through your content by adding great resolution images.


Limitations of Read-it-later Apps

  • Inconsistency in Information in Few Websites

Because of technical errors or coding issues, a commonly faced problem in the Pocket app is the web pages within are inconsistent. While some pages bar you from extracting information if you are using a mobile, the hyperlinks go missing at some point within the article. It causes inconvenience and also could frustrate the user.


  • Some Bugs take Longer to Resolve

The glitches in some of the read-it-later apps while saving content has been experienced by some users where minor issues take up a long time to address by the apps.




Final Words

With many read-it-later apps in trend, there is a need for the brand to assess what kind of information users seek and how to help them get clean information? The apps provide the basic features for free but charge additional features like removing ads and highlighting keywords throughout the articles. What is your favorite app will only depend on what you want. For example, you will have a better reading experience in Instapaper than Pocket because of its layout, fonts, and qualities. However, Pocket allows you to hear information like in a podcast, so you can multitask while using the app. So, with all the convenience of the read-it-later apps in 2022, do you have a favorite yet?


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