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Things to Do if You Can't Afford Therapy

Beauty Kumari

8th Sep'20
Things to Do if You Can't Afford Therapy | OpenGrowth

Mental Health problems are no more as stigmatic as they were a few years ago and people are more open to treatment and therapy.

If you are fighting with stress, mood, or mental health overall, therapy can be an extremely useful tool. But, as anyone who's tried to seek out mental health treatment understands, therapy can get pretty expensive. Good thearpy session can range between $5 and $300. So what do you do if you can't afford therapy?

 Thearpy isn't affordable by everyone, and that is the reason individuals are dubious about it. Even if you don't want to pay for a thearpy session, we believe that mental health should be actively addressed.


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Just because therapy doesn't seem financially convenient right now doesn't mean it can't work. Free or low-cost therapy is accessible through a variety of different avenues, whether that's a reliable low-cost service, or negotiating a lower rate with a private consultant. Your mental health is always worth investing in, and there are always alternatives that can work with your budget.


Here are a few things to try if therapy seems financially out of reach right now:


  • Consider Going Online: Online therapy is becoming more famous, from chats with actual therapists to free downloadable tools and worksheets. This is a beneficial option if you're had therapy before, know what techniques work for your specific issues, and just need step-by-step relief. If you need something more detailed, personalized comfort will be more your speed.


  • Find A Support Group: Free support groups are always proposed in cities like New York for people who have disorders like depression so that people can get together, share how their treatment is taking off, and experience friend support.


  • Ask A Local Therapist If They Can Negotiate: Many therapists are more adaptable in their pricing than they seem, relying on their schedule, your requirements, and how you organize sessions. Ask if you could negotiate quicker sessions, less often, for a just cheaper rate, or another arrangement that lowers the lift on your potential therapist's part.


  • See What Your Insurance Can Do: Your health insurance may have an outlet where you can figure out if mental health services are underwritten, and if so, what type and how many sessions; then, you can get therapists in your network to double-check that they can certainly take your insurance.


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