Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling During Covid - 19


8th Oct'20

Our backpacks had enough of remaining within the cabinet. Our shoes are anticipating being dusted and worn once more. It's time we free them and our spirits too, to go travel and explore. However, our travel experiences can never stay as it used to be. COVID has changed everything in 'travel'. There will always be a fear factor when traveling especially till the pandemic's impact is waved away.

From masks, sanitizers, face screen, and social distancing throughout travel are going to be a part of our travel itinerary for quite a while. But the million-dollar question remains - until when? The short answer - no one is aware of. As we tend to enter numerous phases of unlocking, additional states can open up for travelers. Even numerous countries like Antigua & Barbuda, The state, Bermuda, Austria, France, Cyprus, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Spain, and several other others have opened their borders for international travelers.


Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling During Covid - 19 opengrowth


But wherever we go, we need to take care of the things mentioned below:

1. Touchless Travel

We are experiencing the primary part of our touchless travel since Unlock 1.0. Operations across the whole sector can become a normal, with contactless fingerprint and face recognition topping the chart. Moreover, technologies like gesture management, touchless documents scanning, and voice commands will be mostly enclosed within the method, and other people will hunt for hotels that supply seamless, touchless service while not compromising on the standard of service.


2. Choosing Travel Destinations Effectively

Hotels, farm homes, resorts, and vacation homes with utmost saneness and touchless service are going to be searched and engaged most. As people would love to travel less throughout their journeys, staycations are going to be another facet of the travel diaries because it offers the much-needed area and quality time. No second thought that the health of self and family has become the top priority of individuals and hence hotels will have to ensure they fit every checkbox of their client's requirement.


3. Responsible Travel with Healthy Cabs

If you're distressed concerning the cabs cleanliness and also the rates, then don't be, as the car rental companies are also waiting for the market to open up and if they increase their rates unnecessarily, there won’t be many sales. Assurance of altering and deep-cleaned cabs post each use, touchless paper works, and payments, and driver's health report will become quintessential.


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