Things We Are Losing With Technological Progress

Falak Chandna

28th Apr'21
Things We Are Losing With Technological Progress | OpenGrowth

What do you think about the technological advancement happening today?

Are we creating too much hassle about it? 

Is new technology destroying the existing opportunities for ourselves?

Are we losing humanity?

Digital systems have evolved quicker than ever before – touching about half the population of developed countries within just two decades and changing cultures. Technology can be a tremendous equalizer for improving accessibility, digital payments, access to commerce and public services.

Yes, technology has made our lives smoother and more successful beyond hesitation. But at what cost? 

Think of electric vehicles, grocery checks, automatic airport luggage drop-offs and even the computer's functions, which once demanded a human mind power, are now being carried out in seconds, and it is just because of excessive technical progress.

In daily life, technology continually is sharing the knowledge about its potential to make us humans vanish. And conferring to this, as an example, we all know someone who sticks to the display while still on the road, when catching up with friends and even at the family dinner. 

So is technology robbing us of our dignity, the qualities which make us civilized and kind? 

Everything in life has its own pros and cons. It is your perspective that matters.


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Things That We Are Losing Because Of Technological Progess






Virtual reality can be seen as an efficient mechanism for empathy, but it is often likely that the reverse can happen if the unreality of simulated conditions is continually strengthened to the extent that people get into others' emotions in the virtual universe and then transform it into real-world scenarios.


Social Skills


Social Skills


In the simulated world, many social factors on which we rely implicitly on like facial expressions and body language, might be absent or changed. Many who spend a considerable amount of time in the screen settings, especially young people who do so in critical phases of growth, may fail to properly comprehend these factors and therefore not be able to communicate with others in real life properly. 


Hatred For Reality


hatred for reality


The fact that people are interested in the real world may have an important detrimental impact on spending time in simulated worlds. Individuals become more comfortable when living in a virtual world because there they can set their own rules, craft their personalities and a lot more. And this all is enough to ignite a spark of hatred towards the world which has rules, where kids need to study to give exams, where people need to work to earn money etc.






A difficulty with children and adults similarly concerns that many of the social norms and regulations of our communities do not adhere equally to the perceptions that hold true for online or remote environments, which can create problems considering the future. The concern of bullying, harassment and 'trolling' behaviour in social networking sites is now well-known. Often people who do not conceive of acting in the real world like this, but who think confidentiality and the illusion of detachment in the virtual environment, motivates them to behave in ways that other people might consider repulsive.

Further, presently, technology is advancing at a record rate, and it is feared that all of those working in the normal industries, who lose their jobs will not find other jobs.

The following is a partial list of businesses impacted by the current round of artistic disruption that has already done so by technology.


  1. There has been a considerable decrease in the demand of newspapers as online media and websites have substituted this medium of media. Software programs are publishing more and more news reports, particularly local news and results from sports events.

  2. More and more effective language translation reduces the need for human translators. The same applies to transcription and modification.

  3. Fast food staff also campaign against raising wages. Service providers in the fast-food industry have reacted by intervening in computerized kiosks that can take the order but without people. In malls and large retailers with check-out queues, retail shop assistants were also relocated.

  4. The need for professors and university teachers over time would be significantly reduced by education websites such as Khan Academy and Udemy as well as by massively open online courses provided free of charge by leading universities. It is plausible that today's children would be educated more online at a very low cost. But then jobs for teachers and professors are depleting day by day.

  5. Enterprise applications, digital telephone networks and smartphone interfaces are replacing secretaries, salespeople and administration staff.


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Although technology advances are losing numerous sectors and employment, it remains to be seen if new jobs will be generated for those who are losing jobs. Also, education has shifted online throughout the last year and is continuing with the same pattern. The question is that, will children be able to socialise and make friends and talk to new people around with the same confidence or there will be a certain new disorder related to them that will be found. For Instance, Gaming addiction disorder. 

What is the limit of technology progression? and are we ready for it or are we going too fast?

Think about it!!

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Blank User| OpenGrowth

26th Jul'23 04:01:51 PM

Thank you! Falak, this is a detailed article regarding the Crisis of Losing inportant beliefs with emerging technology trends and I appreciate the points you have mentioned. We are ezyschooling and we appreciate the post you have created. The explanation gives us a bit more insight about the crisis. Looking forward to more article like this. With Regards, Mayank Jain

Blank User| OpenGrowth

26th Jul'23 03:59:30 PM

Thank you! Falak, this is a detailed article regarding the Crisis of Losing inportant beliefs with emerging technology trends and I appreciate the points you have mentioned. We are and we appreciate the post you have created. The explanation gives us a bit more insight about the crisis. Looking forward to more article like this.