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10 Things You Should Know about Regenera Activa

10 Things You Should Know about Regenera Activa | OpenGrowth

Are you struggling with the uncontrollable amount of hair you are losing day-to-day? Are you looking for various techniques to enhance hair growth. If so, you should check out this comprehensive guide for a non-surgical hair loss treatment Regenera Activa!

This alternative hair loss treatment is a simple and effective process to regenerate hair growth.

Read on to know more about the treatment and its benefits!


What is Regenera Activa?


Regenera Activa is a non-surgical micro-grafts procedure that utilizes powerful regenerative properties to stimulate the body's stem cells, growth factors, and progenitor cells.

In contrast to the traditional hair transplants, Regenera Activa has zero to no downtime, perfect for busy patients.

If you want to know more about this revolutionary treatment, we have rounded up the 10 things you should know about Regenera Activa:


1. Treatment process only takes an hour

Are you always on the go, and you can not afford to spend the grueling hours of the procedure, including the healing process? If that is the case, Regenera Activa is the ideal procedure for you which only takes an hour of your day.

The procedure only takes three steps: the first step is the extraction of small skin samples from the back of your scalp, followed by the production of micro-grafts that have potent regenerative abilities—and lastly, injecting into the areas with the most hair loss.

Process takes only 1 hour

2. Regenera Activa is tested for safety and efficacy

There is no need to worry regarding the safety and effectiveness of the procedure because Regenera Activa has undergone extensive clinical trials and evaluations.This hair loss treatment is also approved by major health regulatory boards like US FDA and Europe CE.


3. Regenera Activa can be combined with other hair loss treatments

If you are prescribed other hair loss treatments like hair growth supplements, spray, and laser therapy, you can combine Regenera Activa with these treatments. Combined hair loss treatments may increase the effectiveness and bring back your lustrous hair in no time.


4. This hair loss treatment is customized according to your case

Every hair loss pattern is different for everyone, requiring personalized solutions to ensure optimal results. Make sure to choose your trusted aesthetic clinic because precision matters in Regenera Activa treatment for the restoration of your crowning glory.


5. Results can be seen a month after Regenera Activa

A recent study from Saudi Arabia concluded that hair growth results could be seen in one to six months after Regenera Activa treatment. This innovative treatment benefits hair growth positively in terms of hair quantity and thickness among women and men. Of course, results may vary per individual, so consult with professionals for optimal results.


6. Regenera Activa can be an additional treatment for surgical hair transplants

If you suffer from severe hair loss and have already undergone a traditional hair transplant, Regenera Activa can be a perfect additional treatment for maintenance.

Although hair transplants ensure new hair growth, they won't prevent you from losing further hair. This is where the extra health benefits of Regenera Activa come in because it can help maintain the hair that you already have.


7. You do not need to shave down the recipient areas

Regenera Activa is as good as it gets because, compared to the traditional hair loss treatments, you won't need to shave down the balding areas.

Your hair is assessed to ensure precise injections resulting in balanced hair growth patterns without shaving off the existing hair.


8. Regenera Activa is 100% natural

Regenera Activa uses an autologous micrografting technology which means that the treatment uses cells or tissues from your body.

You are the donor and recipient of autologous micrografts, leaving no risk of side effects and not a chance of the body rejecting the treatment.

Regenra Activa is 100% natural

9. There are no extreme cautionary restrictions to follow

Since Regenera Activa is a minimally invasive procedure, you won't need to make drastic lifestyle changes. Aside from avoiding the pool or sea for a week after the treatment, there are no further cautionary restrictions to follow.


10. The procedure only takes one session

In comparison to other hair loss treatments, Regenera Activa is a highly effective treatment that can take only one session. Of course, it might take a few months before you can see the complete results, but it can last for years.

You can repeat the treatment if you notice any thinning of hair again, so it is best to consult your doctor to know when is the right time to undergo the treatment again.



Regenera Activa is the perfect choice to regenerate and maintain your lustrous hair, and this minimally invasive treatment is also ideal to combine with other treatments for optimal results.

Regain your confidence and flaunt your crowning glory with the perfect treatment for you. If hair loss is your main concern, you should check out the treatments available for you at


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