Time Sheet


26th May'20

Time Sheet 

Timesheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. It is a data table which an employer can use to track the time a particular employee has worked during a certain period. Businesses use timesheets to record time spent on tasks, projects, or clients.


Use of Timesheet:

Timesheet tracks the start and end time of tasks or just the duration. It contains a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project or program. This information may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking, and management.

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Steps to create Time Sheet on Open Growth Hub :


Navigate to -> Time and Reports -> My Time Sheet

Timesheet screenshot 1

Click on Select Project link and select your project from the drop-down.

Timesheet Screenshot2

Timesheet screenshot3


Fill your time details according to the project duration you have worked on a particular project. Multiple projects can be added by clicking on the Add new row button

P. S - If a project doesn't Exist the Admin can create a new project by clicking on Create new Project :

Timesheet screenshot 4


After Clicking on the Submit button the Time Sheet cannot be edited.

Another way to capture work timing is by using the Checkin - Checkout Feature


Go to the main menu

Timesheet screenshot 5

and click on CheckIn - CheckOut

List of all the projects will get displayed

Timesheet screenshot 6

Simply click on Check-In when you start your work and Check-out after you complete. 


In case you work on multiple projects, simply click on the next project you are going to work on the previous project will automatically get checked out.


At the end of the day by clicking on the Checkout button, one can log off from all the projects.

Search :

Timesheet screenshot 7


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