Tips and Tricks that will Help with your Pinterest Marketing in 2021

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has been in the limelight since 2011 and will continue to be for a foreseeable future. Pinterest is like the search engine you always wanted in the form of an application where you can save what you like, get suggested topics of your interest, watch videos, images and shop all at the same time. It is a perfect combination of all the best marketing elements you can think of for a consumer’s convenience. No wonder it’s doing so great!

Adding to the above statement, Pinterest is one of the best ways to add to the list of your marketing strategies and gain massive reach and customers. If you are new to the Pinterest Marketing community or are finding it difficult to gain reach through Pinterest, don’t worry we have solutions for your problems!Tips and Tricks that will Help with your Pinterest Marketing in 2021.

Here are some Tips and Tricks that will help you level up your Pinterest Marketing game in 2021:


1. Create Fresh Pins

Like every other social media platform, the more often you post, the better it is for the algorithms. Pinterest themselves have said that they will reward fresh content this year. 

What is Fresh Content for Pinterest?

  • Fresh content on Pinterest does not mean new product pages for new articles or new content. 

  • For them, New PIN is new content.

  • It can be as simple as creating new pins for existing content and product. Or you can even use the same image and target it differently with a different title and description.

  • They just need some sort of movement in your account on a consistent basis. Be it moving the logo around or changing the text. It will be counted as fresh content for Pinterest, and they will reward you.

So, Create Fresh Pins Often!


2. Create Video Pins

One of the ways of keeping your content fresh is creating video pins. Pinterest is favouring video pins currently and you should definitely join the league to maximise your reach. Presently, there are not many people creating video content on Pinterest. So, when a video pops up it is bound to catch one’s attention.

How to Create Video Content?

Well, there are endless creative ways to create video pins but the easiest one to get started with are creating gifs with your product images. Put this GIF in a Pinterest graphic, add some text and you are good to go. Further, make sure you don’t rely on audio to get your point across since the video pins automatically play with volume off.

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3. Connect Your E-Commerce Catalog To Create Buyable Pins

Pinterest allows you to create buyable pins and you should take advantage of it if you have an E-Commerce store. Buyable Pins on Pinterest allows users to buy the product without leaving the app or website by just clicking on the blue buy button. This acts as a massive advantage over people who cannot create buyable pins.

E-Commerce platforms like Shopify and E-Commerce let you import your product feed directly into Pinterest and create buyable pins. Products pinned from your Shopify store automatically become Buyable Pins on Pinterest. Amazon still hasn’t joined the party but who knows, they just might!


4. Treat Pinterest as a Search Engine

Now, let me explain what I mean by this. Pinterest has several different topics on its feed. These are the topics that a user follows or potentially follows after searching a keyword. It is like the primary keyword search in SEO on search engines. 

If you want maximum people to see your pins in the search results on Pinterest, you need to optimise your pins and boards to these topics or popular search phrases. Essentially, learn and perform basic SEO techniques. Be specific with your board names targeting popular topics on Pinterest.


5. Make your Pinterest Account Mobile-Friendly

Well, we all know this one. I don’t even need to get into the statistics to tell you how important it is to make it mobile-friendly, just look around. If you are not optimizing your account for mobile, you should start right away.

What does Optimizing for Mobile mean?

Optimizing for mobile means to ensure the image size that fits the entire screen of the mobile well and is rectangular. Make sure multiple pins don’t appear on the screen at the same time because it is annoying and you may lose a potential customer.


6. Add Saturation while Editing your Image

Pinterest has become extremely crowded with loads of people entering into it daily and it becomes difficult to get the attention of the user. Your number 1 priority is to stop their scrolling and grab their attention to your pin. And the first thing a user sees is an image. Make sure your image is eye-catching. 

One of the ways to make that happen is by adding saturation to your images. Saturation makes the colours on your image pop out and makes it more noticeable. Think about how you can differentiate your pins from others and make them stand out before uploading them.


7. Add Call-to-Action to your Pins

It is proven that adding a call-to-action in any of your content- be it video content or image or text, helps in lead conversion.

So include Call-to-Actions in your descriptions or on the pins themselves to convert better.

What is Call-to-Action?

Call-to-Action is a statement that encourages people to respond or perform a particular action.

For instance, some of the CTA’s that you can use in your Pinterest descriptions are:

  • Download this content 

  • Click to read more

  • Click for more information

  • Explore 

  • Discover Now

  • Learn more

  • Buy now

  • Order now


8. Add a Follow button

Pinterest has a follow button where you can follow the accounts of the pins you like the most.

When you click on follow people, people will know you are a regular pinner and that will encourage them to follow you. When you follow an account, it directly takes you to their profile. 

This helps retain people on your page and boost conversion.

You should include the Pinterest follow button on other places too where you connect with people like your website, newsletters, emails, blogs, etc.


9. Include Keyword Phrase In Your Profile Name

Adding Keyword Phrase in your profile name which is in line with your business is a massive advantage as it helps in SEO.

What are the Benefits?

  • When someone searches that keyword, your account will pop up in the results. 

  • Generally, when the URLs are created for your page, or your products and images, your name is in the URL. And if your name has significant keywords or keyword phrase, it acts as a catalyst for your SEO.


10. Descriptions

Adding to the above point- Well yes, the image definitely does a lot of work but text plays an equally important role. Words are extremely crucial for your SEO. Keywords are most used sentences or words to find something specific. Keywords make it easier for people to find you. 

They play a vital role in the Pinterest search function as well as for Google rankings.

Depending on Board titles, image descriptions, how often you post, and your engagements, google ranks you in their results

Use Analytical tools to find out which keywords work the best for your type of content and include them in your Board/Pin titles, descriptions and images.

Descriptions must include:

  • Keywords

  • Call-to-Action

  • URL

  • Price(Recommended)

  • Hashtags(#) to appear in the hashtag feed of Pinterest


These tips will not only help in Google rankings but also improve your SEO within the Pinterest app itself.


11. Rich Pins

Rich Pins are normal pins with detailed information such as real-time pricing, recipes, stock availability and more. Your logo also appears in Rich Pins making it easier for users to find you and increase your brand recognition. Rich Pins can be utilized for products, articles, and recipes.

They require a website but if you have a store on Shopify, you just have to enable them on Pinterest. You simply need to validate 1 URL to apply for Rich Pins for your entire domain. 

How to apply for Rich Pins?

  • You can create a pin and validate it using rich Pinterest’s Rich Pin validator.

  • Copy and paste the URL into the Rich Pin Validator and add “.oembed” at the end of the URL.

  • Click Validate

  • Then Click Apply. 

  • And your Product Pins should become Rich Pins within 24 hours if approved.

Existing Pins that link back to pages with rich meta tags will also start appearing as Rich Pins.


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