Tips For Improving The Body Language During Virtual Meetings

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26th Apr'21
Tips For Improving The Body Language During Virtual Meetings | OpenGrowth

Body language during virtual meetings

With the pandemic and lockdown in full effect, the world of work has completely changed. As companies scramble to protect employees from the spreading coronavirus with travel restrictions and remote work arrangements, there’s a distinct possibility that in-person meetings with teams, customers, or suppliers may be canceled for unknown periods. Everything is now online, including those virtual meetings you find yourself attending several times a day, every day. Although you are not actively seeing these people face to face, it is still important that your body language is correct and that you are professionally communicating with others.


Importance of body language


Importance of body language

We’re living in an interesting time when everything from work meetings to family birthday parties is being moved to the digital sphere. Everything from our body language to our tone to our micro-expressions contributes. When we communicate in person, it’s easier to pick up on cues as we see the whole person. But even during video calls, we miss out on contextual cues – that is, what the person meant, were they joking, sarcastic or upset – and misunderstands can occur.

Read below and know the importance of body language while communicating:

Body language leads to better communication

All meetings are affected by body language – or by its absence. To know the tips for virtual meetings, click here:

The importance of non-verbal communication 

For more than two months, much of the country has been working from home and attending an endless string of virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype or WebEx. To know the importance of nonverbal communication in virtual meetings, read the article:


Tips for Body language


Tips to improve body language

55% of communication is visual, 38% is vocal and only 7% is the words you use. However true you believe this to be, there is no doubt that your body language is an extremely important part of how you communicate with your fellow team members.

Body language provides us with important visual clues to what people are saying. From small clues like facial expressions or your stance, how tense or not your body is, to your gestures, your body language adds a great deal of meaning to your words.

Virtual teams meet face-to-face less often, so there is less chance to portray body language and you need to be more sensitive to written and spoken cues. This means that you have to use other means for identifying emotions and asking whether or not people are all on board. 

Tips to improve body language

Here are some tips for how to communicate with body language in virtual meetings:

Tips for improving your body language

It is important that your body language is correct and that you are communicating with others in a professional manner. To know a few tips and methods on improving your body language, read here:

Ways to improve on-screen body language

To know seven tips to help you build trust, increase engagement, and reach agreement on video calls, read here:


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