Tips to Deal with the Remote Work Stress

Sunny Samanta

17th Sep'21

Whether we are working traditionally or from home, stress will always find its way to affect us in one or another. Remote work has been the talk of the town ever since Covid-19 brought social distancing to effect. It has allowed people to have more freedom to choose where to work from. Furthermore, it has saved people from the daily dress code, commute time, and in-person supervision. But one thing working from home hasn’t saved people from is its most significant and unique challenge – Remote work stress.


Remote Work


What Makes Remote Work Stress Challenging to Deal With

Some people are unaware or completely underestimate the remote work stress as the remote working is set to become bigger in future. We need to get over it as soon as possible to believe nothing could go wrong while working from home. It mostly happens due to the highs of the remote working that appears so amazing. But once the novelty of working from home wears off, the challenges of a remote working kick in. What makes the remote work stress challenging to deal with are the following reasons mentioned below:


Lack of Structure

While you may see it as a blessing to not have to follow any working structure, you soon will learn about its importance when they continue to work remotely for a considerable time. Missed lunch and dinner breaks, unable to go to bed on time, and struggling to get your day going are the direct symptoms of remote work stress caused by the lack of structure. You may find all of these insignificant, but over time the details will catch up to you, and you will find yourself clamoring for a long break.


Here Distractions, There Distractions

“Honey, can you receive that parcel on the door? I’m busy with the kid.” Yes, the line may seem tacky, but its reality is as real as it can get. Besides, it represents only a snippet of several other things that can easily distract you from working extra hours to get the assigned work done. Here you can check a list of common distractions that can contribute to your remote work stress.


  • Random not work-related calls and messages throughout the day.

  • Receiving Deliveries

  • Running random house chores

  • Television

  • Pets (If you have any)

  • Friendly neighbors and in-house visitors

  • Kids and Spouse (Again, if you have any)


Less Physical Exercise

Irrespective of whether you were into physical exercise or not, the daily commute to the office ensured that your body was getting some physical exertion regularly to ensure a certain fitness. However, much remote work has become a “couch potato” practice where you simply sit in a place and work from home. It can affect your physical state, where your sleep cycle can get impacted, leading to mental health issues.

Note: Likewise, there can be several other reasons, such as self-isolation, inability to set boundaries, etc., causing remote work in you. However, the three discussed above are pivotal behind its cause.


Remote Working


Tips to Deal with the Remote Work Stress

Now that you have gained awareness about remote work stress, here are tips to help you deal with them. Some of them are strategies, tools, and practices that you may have to adhere to reduce your overall remote work stress and the reasons causing it.


Set a Routine

The significance of living your life by a routine is second to none. So, if you are a remote worker without a routine immediately bring a routine to your life. It is one of the ultimate ways to manage time and focus on every aspect of life properly, including your work. Some of the things you can include in your routines are:


  • Set a ritual to start your day – Morning walk, coffee, a little bit of stretching, etc.

  • Set a ritual to end your day – A late evening walk, shifting the work material away from your sight, some music, etc.

  • Get an alarm – To wake up in the morning and signal the end of your day.

  • Fix your breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.

  • Go outside and interact with neighbors and friends regularly.

  • Do some exercise and meditation.


Fix Your Workspace

Nothing is more tempting than curling up under a blanket in bed and working with some warm coffee to sip in-between. However, falling for it can directly let your focus shift from work, which isn’t ideal. To ensure work management and its quality, you must focus completely on your work while working. So, whether it is a small corner in your house or a chair and table, you must fix a place to work.


Minimize Distractions

While getting rid of distractions entirely at home is not possible. However, you can definitely minimize them with some effort and dedication. One of the common ways people nowadays are adapting to is the use of noise-canceling headphones.


Never Ever Avoid Friends

Remote workers have grown prone to avoiding their friends and even going outside for some relaxation altogether. It is mostly due to the lack of work schedule and poor management that forces people to work longer than they should. Remember, those supportive friends are a great stress buster, and you are doing yourself a disservice by avoiding them.


Pat Your Back and Reward Yourself

You may not have anyone to congratulate on a work well done. It shouldn’t keep you at all from congratulating yourself over even the smallest of achievements. So, never shy away from patting your back or rewarding yourself whenever you feel like it. Some of the ways to do are:


  • Take a “Well Deserved Break.”

  • Order some delicacies to treat yourself.

  • Check off the work from your “To-do List.”


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