Tips to Host a Christmas Party for Your Employees


17th Dec'21
Tips to Host a Christmas Party for Your Employees | OpenGrowth

Christmas is all set to welcome you with open arms. The holiday season is the best way to thank your employees, by throwing a fun Christmas party. The office party is always a great way to appreciate the employees and to bond over tasty Christmas treats and some fun. The Christmas party is a great way to know your dream team better.

The employees always look forward to the fun and happening parties at the end of the year. But, Hosting a Christmas party is not easy as it sounds. You need to have patients and good management skills. If you are willing to learn how to host a memorable Christmas party for your employees? Keep reading the blog to know the importance and tips to make a Christmas party worthwhile.


Why are Holiday and Christmas parties important at the Workplace?

Taking out time from the busy schedule and planning events like Christmas parties is a part of team bonding. The parties are important for promoting a healthy workplace environment. 

The balance of work and party also helps employees to release the work stress that builds up over time. Through parties, employees get a chance to know each other outside their specific roles in the company. Therefore, the parties lead to better working and overall relationships between the employees of the company improve. 


Christmas party


Tips to make Christmas party Memorable 

Make a Budget 

Not only for parties but if you are planning any event, make sure to have a specific budget. Making a budget is helpful to know how much money you can spend. Once you have sufficient funds you are going to spend on the party, it will become easy to make expenses accordingly.

For example, if your employees are foodies, spend more on delicious food dishes rather than spending on venue or decoration.


Involve the Staff 

In a company, it becomes impossible to know everyone’s likes and dislikes. Therefore,  make sure to recruit some of your staff to help you with the party preparations. The employees can help you to brainstorm the themes and about the things that everyone in the office would love. 

The added benefit of planning a party with a team is that you can share the responsibilities. Rather than stressing over the party preparations, you will start enjoying it. Asking for help will make the employees feel valued as you will appreciate their opinion.


Hire an Entertainer 

Make the party much more fun by hiring an outside entertainer for the event. Having an entertainer can give employees extra motivation to attend the party with the thought of enjoying free exclusive high-quality entertainment. The options for entertainers include comedians, bands, singers, and magicians.


Christmas party


Fun Games 

Party without games? It is a very bad idea. Make a list of fun games to keep the employees entertained all the time. It is important to have a combination of scheduled games and ongoing games that people can join throughout the party. 

You can add games and activities like holiday charades, guess the song, pin the correct nose on the snowman, and many more Christmas-themed games. 


Dress Code 

The dress code always depends on the location, theme, and activities you are planning. Always take suggestions from the employees about the dress code. Being clear about the dress code will save the employees from the stress of wondering what to wear at the office party. 

For example, if the party has lots of active games, you can suggest wearing some comfortable athletic wear.  Make the employees clear about the basics of the party so they can decide what to wear to the party. 


Send Invitation 

After you are sure about the location, theme, and dress code of the party, start creating eye-catching invitations for the Christmas party. The invitation is the best way to build the hype for the party. If the party is more casual, you can create a nice invitation and send it out over email or any other communication platform everyone uses frequently at work.

Unique Gift 

Host a unique gift exchange for the party. Exchanging gifts is the classic event for an office holiday party. You can also add a creative twist by making Santa-themed sweets, cakes, and chocolates.

You can also play guessing games to find who gets which gifts. Also, make sure that everyone has some gifts to open during the gift opening ceremony. Therefore, be prepared for extra gifts.

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The Photo Booth 

Nowadays, the main reason people attend parties is to click photos and post them on social media. Use some lights and wrapping paper to create a beautiful photo booth where the employees can take pictures together. 

Photo grids are not only fun, but they can also help you create engaging social media marketing content for your business. As people love to see the human side of the business, your customers will love meeting the friendly people behind your business. The team can also have fun with the festive props while waiting for the camera timer to flash. Another thing you can do is to create a digital link where they can view all of their photos.


Play Best Music 

For a lively atmosphere, music is important. Create a list of some great songs according to the theme of the party. If in doubt, take the help of the employees close to you for the suggestion. Make a list that will make everyone happy.



Christmas is the best occasion to make your employees feel appreciated. The parties and get-together help to build teams. These tips will surely help you to plan an unforgettable Christmas party. Plan a party, praise the employees and build the bond. Merry Christmas!


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