Tips to Start Decluttering When It Feels Overwhelming

Roshni Khatri

24th Dec'22
Tips to Start Decluttering When It Feels Overwhelming | OpenGrowth

Do you feel swamped by the mess and clutter in your home and are unsure of where to begin? You're not alone, and the advice in this post will help you by guiding you through simple strategies that will help you go from being utterly stressed out to being stress-free. 


You're precisely where you need to be if you want to get rid of your clutter but always get anxious just thinking about it. Never for a moment believe that you are experiencing these emotions alone; most people feel the same way. 


You see, clutter is a huge problem in most households and is typically difficult to control. As a result, it seems difficult to decide where to begin. What takes place since you don't want to lose drive or work on something that won't change anything? You put off doing anything till you're out of time. And the mess is still present. 


Therefore, the moment has come to make a change and do it! Let's address those stressful feelings head-on with these top recommendations to help you start decluttering. 


How To Begin Decluttering If You Have Too Much Stuff?


It can take a lot of effort to declutter your home. Physical labor is required to pick through, relocate, reorganize, cart away unwanted items, etc. Decluttering requires a lot of decision-making and emotional processing, as well as the ability to sometimes sort through the feelings that it and "stuff" in general might elicit. 


Decluttering when it feels overwhelming


Make the process of getting rid of the clutter simpler, less stressful, and less daunting by using these suggestions and decluttering techniques. Aside from that, you should also know about time management equivalent to life management, as it would guide you in attaining the goals easily. So you can finish the job and design a home that suits your needs in terms of appearance, comfort, and functionality! 


1. Find the Reason Why


It will be easier for you to stay motivated to make the adjustments you're making if you have a clear knowledge of why you're making them. Even if it seems difficult or overwhelming to purge your home. 


Determine the precise reason(s) for your desire to simplify and clear the clutter. Is it so you can spend more time with the people you care about? to experience less stress at home from attempting to organize and maintain all of your belongings? More time for a passion project? More travel freedom? 


Know exactly what is causing you to make this adjustment, whatever it may be. And keep returning to it whenever you feel disoriented, overburdened, or demotivated. 


2. Make a Plan


One of the things that can make a major endeavor feel daunting and stressful is frequently the unknowns that go along with it. Create a plan if you're feeling stressed out about decluttering so you can stop worrying, address the unknowns, and schedule the actions you'll need to take to begin easing those overwhelming feelings. 


A decluttering plan might outline your decluttering schedule, the rooms you'll work on first and when, your goals and overall vision for each room and your house as a whole, as well as what you'll do with the items you get rid of. 


Spend some time planning your decluttering strategy so you can avoid some of the usual decluttering stumbling blocks. Along with keeping you on track while working, create a plan you can stick to. 


3. Have Someone Assist You As You Proceed


Allowing someone else to guide you through the decluttering process is one of the finest ways to get started if you're feeling overwhelmed.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, my decluttering manual, Your Clutter-Free Home, is a terrific resource to use. 


It not only teaches you how to declutter with confidence and clarity but also how to quickly distinguish between what adds value to your life and what merely creates clutter. But it also provides you with thorough, step-by-step checklists for decluttering every space in your house. 


4. Start From an Easier Place


Starting with something or somewhere that feels easy to you to clear is one of the best methods to avoid feeling overwhelmed when decluttering. Try decluttering items that feel easier if the category of items you're trying to handle feels extremely difficult and overwhelming. Frequently, this refers to an area or class of things that favor logical judgments above emotional ones. 


The more you declutter, the more confidently you can decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Additionally, getting rid of stuff gets easier and less frightening the more you practice. 


5. Initially, Focus On The Source Of Your Greatest Stress


When you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start, another strategy is to focus on the area or category of clutter that causes you the most stress since it consumes more of your time and energy than you'd want. 


You'll find that your life is immediately simpler if you start by addressing your biggest source of stress. Allowing you to save a large amount of time and effort that was previously spent to manage all of it. 


Decluttering when it feels overwhelming


It will significantly alter the way your house appears, feels, and performs. Additionally, it will have a significant good effect on how you feel and operate at home. 


6. Starting In A High-Traffic Area 


An area that is heavily and frequently used is another excellent place to start the decluttering process. You want it to work better because it's a place you and your family use frequently and spend a lot of time in.


In many homes, the kitchen is an excellent illustration. It serves as the hub of the house and is frequently used for cooking, dining, gathering, and socializing. The hallway, bathroom, pantry, and other areas get a lot of traffic. 


7. Begin At The Entrance And Move Clockwise


If you're truly unsure about where to begin organizing a space, try beginning at the doorway and moving around the room anticlockwise from there. This approach makes it easier for you to get in and get going by eliminating the need to choose what to work on, where to start, what to do next, etc.


It's also excellent if you frequently lose focus and find yourself hopping from one place to another. It is simpler to concentrate on one area at a time when working in a clockwise direction. 


8. Make Decluttering a Habit


You can attempt to get rid of clutter each day by decluttering a little bit each day.


When it comes to decluttering, consistency is frequently more significant than intensity. Attempting to declutter your home heavily all at once a few times a year rarely produces greater outcomes than consistent efforts to do so daily. 


Decluttering when it feels overwhelming


Additionally, developing a strong decluttering routine will give you plenty of practice in identifying and eliminating clutter. As time passes, it becomes simpler and simpler to organize your home.




If you ever feel overwhelmed again, I'm confident that these strategies will be helpful to you. Depending on how I'm feeling and what I'm attempting to declutter, there's always one that leaps out to me, and I know it will help the most. Besides this, you should also know about home-sharing platforms, as they will guide you in living with ease. 


The best approach for me to get started is to compose a list with a plan of action on it, put on some calming music, put on comfortable clothing, set a timer, and just start working. 


It's similar to exercising in that you know you should do it but resist doing it. Once you finish, though, it feels good.


We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

A keen observer, who loves to spend time with nature. A fun loving person, enjoys to explore the new aspects of life. Passionate about reading and learning new things. Roshni is dedicated towards her work and has worked in different professions.


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