To What Extent Is The Development Of New Technologies Having A Negative Effect?

Falak Chandna

5th Jun'21

Technology is a vast spread topic to discuss. It's a weapon that transforms the environment and how it functions. Many people know the technology and its use today. This idea of the evident human capacity and technical developments has a significant effect on how the environment works.

Technology has advanced at a tremendous pace in recent decades. Each aspect of our lives is changed by smartphones, the Internet, cloud computing, and hundreds of other innovations. It has influenced communications, industries, governments, the travel sector, collecting funds, and even farming. So what about our mindsets? Are we affected by all this technological innovation? Many people believe this; even licensed psychologists think that we did.

Digital computers, designed initially to represent humankind diligently, have shown their negative effects on our lives. Many researchers have concluded that we as humans are today suffering from prolonged exposure to technology as per the visible symptoms according to the physical, social, and mental health. Further, let's discover technology's detrimental impact on various facets of life.


Negative Impacts Of Technology On Humans

technological effects on humans


Security and Privacy

Technology will expose you to various risks if misused. Children are particularly vulnerable and it is an important to take this factor into consideration.`One out of three adolescents are confirmed victims of cyberbullying. To meet the mark, perpetrators use texts, social media, or websites. It causes cybercrime because of the enormous population accessing the Internet. For Instance, A kid named Tom was abused and called various names over a Facebook chat, even a few kids hit him to keep him from telling this to anyone. 

Today, finding personally identified details is simpler than ever when the privacy limits are blurred. You can now find all the contact details, photos, locations, and much more on various social media platforms in a few taps. The gathered knowledge can be used for hacking personal information by cheaters.


Developmental/Behavioral Risks

Lack of concentration, aggression, physical inactivity, obesity and sleep disorders in preschool and school-age children have been correlated with the use of new media. Digital media overuse makes it ineffective for children to use their time efficiently. The social and emotional impact of these developments on children's growth should also be taken into consideration. 


Disconnection From Real Life

When a kid plays too many games on a screen because he is not acquainted with real life, technology's detrimental impact on children's social skills generally emerges. In a simulated world, the infant who does not talk, connect and share with the environment may seek to fulfill all these needs through technological involvement.



The Internet is now a perfect learning opportunity. Instead of spending time in the library or going online without leaving the place, you can do any appropriate stuff. However, tech participation does not necessarily ensure educational consistency. In classrooms, children often overuse equipment that has detrimental effects on their learning experience. This jeopardizes the thinking skills of young generations. Different surveys say that the least performing academic students use leisure devices such as gaming or social networks as a power tool.

Moreover, technology not only has negative impacts on humans but also harms the environment. Here is How?


Negative Impacts Of Technology On Environment


technological impacts on environment


Depletion Of Natural Resources

Another detrimental effect on the ecosystem is the loss of resources by technology. It applies to the use of a resource as quickly as possible. Natural resources are those beyond the creation of humans that may either be reconfigured or nonrenewable. Seawater degradation, deforestation, fossil fuels and coal extraction, resource pollution, soil erosion, and over-consumption of food were among the major resources depleted. This arises mainly due to irrigation, mining, water use, and fossil energy use, all of which are made possible by technological advances. 


Air and Water Pollution

Air pollution occurs when unhealthy or unsustainable amounts of harmful gasses are released into the earth's atmosphere, e.g. carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfide dioxide, nitric oxide, and methane. All major sources refer to technology emerging since the industrial revolution, such as fossil fuels, power plants, mass farming and automobiles. Air pollution has detrimental effects on human and animal well-being and global warming, causing increased greenhouse gas volumes in the Earth's air trap to raise global temperatures. The effects of air pollution have negative health effects.


AI and Technology


The study emphasizes the need for all emerging technologies to be implemented in conjunction with a governance structure. While this is already the case in the biotechnology sector, AI or robotics cannot lead to the same terms. 

If we have so much regulation, we can hamper creativity itself – and profit – we are attempting to build, but we will never trust enough to make use of it if we do not have enough.


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