Tool For Aiding CyberAttacks - A Magic Wand For Organizations

Falak Chandna

11th May'21

Today in the era of technological advancement there are thousands of applications that are promoted every day. In these times,  where new features for social media platforms are marketed daily, and where there is so much personal data that is being uploaded on the internet now, no one’s data is safe. 

But, the good news is that the world just got a tool that can protect the data from cyberattacks. These cyberattacks are placed by cyberattackers that are truly willing to grab all your data and use it to know your preferences. Your likes and dislikes, even what you hate, where you go, what you buy, etc are all what they need to know. After all, this all will help them to sell you stuff in a better way. There can be a more defined and structured demographic, or geographic division. The target audience will be a more sorted genre when it comes to marketing the product or service considering the type, size, usage, and many other applications.

Before we know the tool, let us understand in detail the cyberattacks.


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What Are CyberAttacks?


What are cyberattacks


A cyber attack attempts to deactivate machines, corrupt information, or initiate subsequent attacks through a broken computer device.

Cyber attackers may use several cyber threat tactics including malware, phishing, ransomware, man-in-the-center attacks, and other methods.

Simply stated, a cyber attack is an attack done on a different network, several devices, or databases by one or more computers. Cyber attacks can be divided into two different types: attacks aiming at deactivating or knocking off the target pc or attacks aiming at gaining access to the data in the target PC or even gaining administrative rights.


Types Of CyberAttacks


There are known to be 8 types of distinctive cyber attacks and here is the list below that explains them all.


  1. Malware - Short for malicious software, malware can refer to any kind of program which is developed to inflict harm to a single device, server, or compute cluster no matter how structured or run.

  2. Phishing - Phishing is a tactic used by cybercriminals to email a target to take malicious action. The client may be led to download malware which is disguised as an appropriate text or to click on a connection to a fraudulent site, where confidential information such as bank usernames and password can be requested.

  3. Cryptojacking - Cryptojacking is an intrusion specializing in getting somebody else's machine to do the job of cryptocurrency generation. The assailants either inject malicious software to calculate the need for the victim's machine or often run the JavaScript code in the browser of the survivor.

  4. Man In The Middle - A person in the center assault is a way for attackers to deliberately playbook between the consumer and a web service they are attempting to reach. For example, a Wi-Fi network can be set up with a login screen to imitate a hotel network. If the attacker signs in, all information sent by the customer, including bank passwords, can be collected by the attacker.

  5. SQL - Injection by SQL is a way that an intruder can gain ownership of a victim database by leveraging a loophole. Many databases are configured to follow Structured Query Language (SQL) instructions and several sites that collect customer information send it to a data SQL server.

  6. Zero-Day - In tech that has yet to be patched, zero-days are bugs. The name comes from the fact that after a patch is released, machines will be less and less attackable every day when users download software updates.

  7. Denial Of Service - A server denial attack is intentional killing for trying to stop a certain web service from functioning properly. Attackers can send too much traffic to a website or a database to overload these systems, making them inaccessible for anyone.

  8. Ransomware - With the introduction of cloud storage, cloud-based payment systems, and the omnipresence of smart devices, the digital revolution erodes conventional network perimeters. With increasing vector growth, an organization is being attacked more effectively. Hence, Ransomware is a malware type that encrypts the files of a victim. The perpetrator then requires the survivor to pay for the restoration of computer access following reimbursement.


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How Can Someone Prevent Themselves From Getting Attacked By CyberAttackers?


How to prevent cybetattacks


  1. Keep Your Softwares Updated - Stay up to date on your apps. Maintain the new update of your protection program, web browser and operating system. Updates patch protection vulnerability because cyber attackers will try to exploit access or manipulate your computers with malicious software to access your data.

  2. Encryption - You potentially have confidential personal data, like notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, on your computers. Take note of encrypting those files. Encrypted communication scrambles readable text so it is only possible to enter and decipher anyone with the decryption key.

  3. Strong Password - Secure and specialize the passwords you add. At least 12 characters including letters, numbers, and special symbols are used in a good password. The rule here also includes - Do not have more than one account with the same name.

  4. Keep Yourself Updated - Partly because they keep evolving, it's a smart thing to keep up with cyber attacks. Staying up-to-date with news and trends is one way to brace for potential cyberthreats.

  5. Securing Your Files - You can opt to back up the valuable records for one or more reasons. External hard disks, flash drives, storage facilities, and clouds can be your preferences in terms of storing your data.


What Tool Has Been Introduced By Microsoft?




Microsoft recently launched a new Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Service, a one-click mitigation tool that helps consumers with little protection or IT teams to apply certain security changes. This tool has been reviewed in 2013, 2016, and 2019 implementations through Exchange Server. This latest tool is intended to mitigate clients who are unaware of the patch/fix mechanism or who do not yet apply the security update on the spot.

By using and installing the new Microsoft Protection Scanner, customers can immediately mitigate CVE-2021-26855 on every exchange server that they use. This tool is not a substitute for the Exchange security fix.  But this is the simplest and quickest method to reduce the higher threats to on-site Exchange Servers, which are Internet-connected, especially before reformatting.

Therefore, the one-click Microsoft tool has indeed been developed to defend and patch compromise networks against cyber threats. It was created after a huge hack that affected many Microsoft Exchange email users.

And after the launch of this tool, it's time for a big cheer because there are already over 25000 downloads that took place within a few days of the arrival of this tool.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Well, if you are facing some major cyberattack issues at your organization, this is the right time to download the right tool!!



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