Top 10 tips to Optimize Google My Business Listing 

Supriti Tripathy

15th Mar'21
Top 10 tips to Optimize Google My Business Listing  | OpenGrowth

Any business or startup wanting to plunge into the world must do an SEO to get noticed and prove its existence. SEO is like a resume; you polish it so you have your best foot forward. However, it is expensive and competitive. Google My Business helps businesses set up a free Business profile to connect to potential customers by listing business’ operating information, posts, reviews, and many more. It is like a backbone that supports your business and enhances its digital presence.


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A crucial step

Optimizing your profile via Google My Business Listing(GMB) is about updating. GMB tells google everything to accurately list your business in the right place at the right time(i.e. in search results on the web or maps). It has the potential to impress upon your customers and push them to believe that yours is the best business that meets all their needs. It assures them that they have landed right where they were meant to be.

Once a new listing is created, a Google Maps location is generated. It gives a host of other information such as a Business address, business hours, category, reviews, and many more. Additionally, over the past few months, Google has updated its features which is sure to enhance your GMB to grab anyone’s attention.


How to Optimize--Key take-aways in the process of optimization

Following are the key-take aways in the process of optimization.


1. Provide as much information as possible

Details about the business name, logo, category, phone number, website link, services provided, address, a unique short name, attributes, services, products, etc. are very important. Complete profiles are doubly reputable and make people trust your brand name. Make sure the information provided is specific.


2. Be meticulous with contact information.

Your business profile in Google makes users reach you, communicate with you. By activating instant messaging, business owners can manage orders, monitor queries, and reach potential customers very easily.


3. Boost your local ranking

Google’s algorithm for ranking Business profiles just does not consider relevance and proximity but also activity and quality of information. Optimizing can help your business rank higher and more customer engagement.


4. Load quality, high-resolution images

Photos give customers the idea of what to expect and make your business stand out from others. According to Google, listings with a virtual tour and photos generate twice as much interest as those without it. Also, updating this feature is uniquely vital. Learn to add at least one photo every week.


5. Make sure your information is consistent across different websites.

This is to verify the legitimacy of a listing. It’s important to pick up a standard format to upload all the data about your business onto Google. Also, get your website listed on as many relevant directories as is possible.


6. Avoid penalty-causing offenses

Be mindful of what not to do to avoid any suspension from using Google. Examples like

Using a link to redirect to your website’s URL rather than the actual URL itself.

Having multiple local listings for the exact business location.

Using any address for your business that isn’t a physical storefront to be able to meet with potential customers.


7. Be Reviewed

You must encourage reviews from your customers and work on any negative responses. Encourage them to give feedback by offering them on few promotional materials. A gentle reminder of how much it means for your business to make the customers happy is a sure way to launch great feedback.


8. Keep posting on your Google Business profile.

Your profile should post regularly. This sends positive ranking signals. Google posts are almost like mini ads or social media posts. It has also introduced a new notification that alerts users who have opted about any newly posted media on your Google My Business location.


9. Verify your Google My Business Listing

This is done via Postcard by mail and takes up to five business days. It tells Google that you can manage and represent the business you claim.



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10. Questions and Answers

Have a section dedicated to answering questions from potential customers. It will help increase your customer base, and your goodwill will benefit greatly.


A strong website is one that’s optimized for both your customers and search engines. It’s always important to have a coding team before getting started. From your detailed listing and trusted information, your profile is sure to pop up on relevant searches. Using Google My Business Listing, represent your business as accurately as possible and maintain it; you are sure to reap your benefits.



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