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Top Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

Roshni Khatri

25th Aug'22
Top Benefits of Reverse Mentoring | OpenGrowth

Increasing generational retention is a crucial approach that many businesses are currently coping with. The research shows that 43% of millennials are planning to quit their job in the upcoming years. 

The youth is the largest generation in the labor force therefore the willingness to leave the work is significant. By implementing a reverse mentorship programme, some businesses, like financial services company Pershing, are addressing the issue of declining millennial retention.

The primary question is whether it will have any effect on retention rates. After implementing the reverse mentoring program the firms have reported a 96% retention rate among millennials. Besides this, it is also essential to know about key components of an effective mentoring relationship as it can make the mentoring relationship successful.

Many successful firms have discovered that better retention rates are only one advantage of an effective reverse mentoring program. So, we'll talk about reverse mentorship and its advantages in this article.


What is Reverse Mentoring?

A reverse mentorship is a contemporary form of employee pairing. In this mentoring arrangement the subordinate employee mentors the senior boss. In this mentoring program, knowledge is provided with an emphasis on technology, a strategic thinking approach, leadership, diversity challenges, and even with a working mindset.

Thus reverse mentoring is a partnership between senior level and junior level employees which helps in fill the gaps in the more experienced person’s knowledge. The emphasis in this system is typically on corporate procedures and technology. These mentorships are beneficial for both parties. 


Reverse Mentoring


Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

Millennials are job hoppers; therefore organizations are searching for different strategies to keep them on the payroll. Here are some of the main advantages of reverse mentoring:


Improves the Connection with Business

Reverse mentoring enables the mentors and mentees to feel more connected and in touch with the organization. By pairing the junior employee with the senior leader, we can provide new insight into them and promote exploring the business. This allows them to connect with every aspect of your corporation.


Allow Enhanced Inclusion

With reverse mentoring, you can create inclusive partnerships that don't  consider several factors such as age, ethnicity, or gender. This inclusion is wider and can provide better access to knowledge sharing and successful leadership to employees. 

For instance, Procter & Gamble paired senior leaders with employees with disabilities in its reverse mentoring system. With the help of mentoring leadership, the senior leaders quickly understood the internal videos were not easily accessible to an employee with hearing challenges. 

Once senior executives understood the implications, this was simply addressed with captions. So reverse mentoring allows enhanced inclusion of the employees of all levels.


Improve the Diversity

When the diverse population is paired under reverse mentoring  the senior leaders can converse with individuals about diversity and other parameters. In the short run, it can improve empathy and mitigate unconscious bias. 

And in the long run, these mentoring systems provide a critical boost to diversity at a higher management level.


Boost Technological Advancement

Organizational challenges are still complex the technological changes are more challenging for all. So reverse mentoring provides the opportunity to encourage the junior employees to cope with the existing strategies and processes. 


Empowers New Employees

It is often seen that entry-level employees always make an effort to please the senior-level management rather than criticizing current practices. Organizations require everyone, especially entry-level staff to work more cooperatively and to speak up without fear for the benefit of the business.


Reverse Mentoring


In upward mentoring, the bottom-level employees need to mentor the senior employees. This allows them to speak up with the higher authorities and explore the various aspects of business and its terminologies. 

This also enables them to practice leadership in a low-risk environment to help them in developing their careers as leaders.


Improves the Business Skills

The senior level is not having a sound grip on the latest technological advancements as they have more business skills than the juniors. Therefore reverse mentoring is a boon for them adapt to the new technologies with the help of junior-level employees, as they can guide the higher management about the latest trends. 

Therefore the senior employees learn inside information such as how the company works and what is the right terminology to use while discussing the business concept. As these kinds of abilities are essential for both job advancement and survival in the corporate environment.


Enhancement of Digital Skills

As per the report of Pew Research Center, millennials have became the largest generation in the U.S. in 2016. They are people who know about digital and technological revolutions. This is because the millennials are the highest proficient in technology.

Whereas senior executives may find it challenging to  keep up with technical improvements in the fast-paced modern environment. Learning about social networking, cloud computing, and other contemporary digital skills may be daunting.

Software developers, for example, even the most tech-savvy personnel, need a lot of reading and training to stay current with new technology. 

Senior executives can benefit from junior staff by sharing their digital expertise  and mentoring them upward. Additionally, it gives executives the confidence they need to address ageism while talking about digital issues at work.


Provide the Leaders insights into Workplace Culture

Senior leaders frequently get called out for being "out of touch." They made  a significant business choice without considering how it will affect the rest of the workforce.

They might not be aware of the things that excite and encourage their younger workers, whether it is social justice concerns, sustainability, pay scales, or flexible working arrangements.


Reverse Mentoring


Reverse mentoring is a fantastic method to increase awareness throughout the company, provide executives with fresh perspectives, and give junior employees the praise and accolades they desire and merit.

Senior employees are more likely to relate to workplace culture more deeply and comprehend the problems that affect people at all levels of the business.

Thus reversementroing is the most crucial aspect for today’s dynamic era. With this mentoring can change a business as it develops the knowledge and abilities in the workplace.



Although reverse mentoring has many advantages, still not everyone is prepared to participate in this kind of mentorship programme. The older generation finds it challenging to accept constructive criticism from younger workers. 

Similarly, younger staff members occasionally don't prefer to offer guidance to managers or senior executives, especially if they are new to the company. But by handling these kinds of difficulties delicately, a successful mentoring programme can be put into place that is successful. 

Besides this, some companies have discovered that one of the cultural shifts that a reverse mentorship programme might promote is a greater focus on technology in marketing and business operations. 

Last but not least, if one of the organizational goals is culture change, reverse mentoring can assist in facilitating that shift.

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