Top Google Doc Hacks Everyone Should Know

Falak Chandna

30th Jun'21

Google Documents is a perfect company productivity software with most, if not all, capabilities of a written processor one would like. But some users were reluctant to quit online office apps for cloud-based solutions because they think they would miss some existing features. 

Many who challenge the practicality of Google Docs — or have yet to use Google's powerful word processing — use over half a dozen methods that make the program more accessible. We are sure that today, Google Docs would be endorsed by professionals and teachers and parents.

Today, one needs to face the truth that fewer employees nowadays are clinging to the concept of a traditional office. They cherish the freedom to work where and when they want to. For this reason, it is critical to delivering to them the resource to manage work effectively and that too with sleek collaboration.


Things Through Google Docs That Can Help In Being More Productive


google docs



You may simply sign it directly in Google Docs when creating a business document that needs your certification. Everything you possess would be doing to go to Insert>Draw and then press +New for the quick signature incorporation form. At that time, using your trackpad or mouse, you could include your signature. You can embed a reputable certification into the records after constructing one of the product add ons like Docusign Or Hellosign.


Voice Typing


voice typing


Every so often, what happens is, people usually get tired of typing continuously, especially when there is a lot of work. In this case, Google Docs can truly act like one of the magic wands. You can indeed communicate it out to google docs and it will support you in completing your tasks as soon as possible. 

Notwithstanding the how and why the voice typing function of Google Docs is incorporated, you just need to use Google Docs in the Google Chrome window. You want an internally or externally connected functional microphone to your phone jack through your computer. 


If you at present have these in order, you can browse Tools>Voice form.


Bookmarking Important Points

Utilizing Docs' Bookmarking to recognize an active connection to some paragraph to guide users to a particular portion of the article. Place the cursor over the link and open the Insert menu; choose "Bookmark." The connection will be shown as an update. Moreover, you will have to make sure the document is shared correctly before it works with everyone other than you.


Map Image

It may not be a typical image, but it is a map. Your companion again is known as the 'searching' tool: If you search an address or area with 'Anything,' you can obtain an encouraging result from the map. Download or paste the picture map into your report for more detail on the spot. Adjust the view position on the map result before submitting the document. 


Comparing The Documents

This functionality is beneficial when you retain two identical records, but you have to figure out quickly if they both are unique. 

Open the first of the two papers that you want to evaluate to do this. Under the Tools section, choose Compare Documents. You will be prompted to choose your second Google Drive document. When a file is extracted, a new document (third) is composed that shows all the modifications that are outlined in magenta between the two.


Language Conversion

It's not the ideal way to follow the papers through Google Translator. But it publishes you at least a literal translation that should be understandable. You can translate the whole document from Google Docs if you need to translate anything quickly. 


What you need to do is browse Tools>Translate Document.


Table Of Contents

If you've had a complex and difficult document of many pages, it will take patience to sit and scroll constantly. An excellent solution is to apply a table of contents to the paper. 

When your material appears in the contents table, it will still be responsive to the right of your content. You will directly be transferred to the document part if you wish to hop into a segment. Then press the accompanying headline. To do this, an add-on that is appropriately called 'Table Of Contents' would need to be mounted. To install this, look for 'Table Of Contents' by clicking on the 'Add-ons' in the forefront.


Suggestion Mode

Although the freedom to update and modify a document is fantastic, often, you just want to propose modifications — without altering things. This is where Google Docs' "Suggesting" mode is helpful. It functions much like Microsoft Word Remarks. To switch from 'Edit mode to the 'Suggest' mode, first press the pencil icon above the opened document right-hand corner, and then select 'Suggest.'

Anything you include, delete or otherwise modify will appear in the text as colored symbols, followed by right-hand information like the suggestion's name and a timestamp.


Tagging People

In your comments, tag people to make sure you receive somebody's consideration. It's straightforward: type  @ or + symbol, then keep scribbling your colleague's name. Google Docs will show your Gmail contact options and update them via mail. If they don't have access to the document, the person you added will have the option to choose permission levels for the account.


Conferencing Or Screen Sharing


Conferencing Or Screen Sharing


Google Docs is designed to allow you to interact with everything you do. This means you can have many resources integrated into the framework. One of them allows you to show the document to everyone. You'll have to set up an add-on known as 'UberConference' to turn this functionality on. You will convert your current Google Doc into a live phone conference. This allows anyone to view and update the text while talking about updates. Rather than doing all the document edits backward and forwards, you can do it in one go. 


To install this add-on, Click Add Ons followed by UberConference.


You are on the path towards being a master of Google Docs now. If Google Docs is an indispensable part of your routine, you can implement a few tips discussed in this article. 

You will notice your growth positively towards turning into a professional as you begin using  Google Docs and adapt it to your daily official needs. For whatever work you are using Google Docs, it's a huge advantage to work more efficiently. 

Forthwith, let us know in the comment section below about what all can help a user finish their daily task on an early basis.


We, at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

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