Top 8 Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel Speedily

Roshni Khatri

2nd Jan'24
Top 8 Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel Speedily | OpenGrowth

Using the finest YouTube tools is essential to get the most out of one of the biggest video streaming websites globally. YouTube is one of the finest methods to sell it through visual material, and you can build your brand and generate desired content on YouTube.

Though it might be challenging to create content, YouTube tools can help to simplify the process. In the current technical scenario, choosing the right marketing agency for your business makes all the difference. Let's explore more about YouTube tools that can make you grow as a creator!

Tools To Enhance YouTube

The main focus of these YouTube tools is to teach you how to make basic and easy-to-shoot movies. You may use these free YouTube features as part of your account. 

1. Pixlr

Thumbnails assist in grabbing viewers' attention on YouTube. The appropriate thumbnail can increase the number of visits and clicks your material receives. You can easily build high-performing thumbnails using Pixlr.You may incorporate photos into any video clip with this tool as well.You may apply effects and levels to any image with Pixlr.

This application provides a tonne of choices for modifying photos. It can also assist you with any demands you may have for visual material outside of YouTube.

They also have a smartphone app and a web app. So any device you're using, editing and uploading material is simple.


  • It enables you to "save" both a file and your work record within a web page.
  • It contains a big collection of backdrop photographs that are free of copyright.



  • Some of its filters since they are too dark and degrade the quality of the images.
  • It provides a wider variety of templates than only those centered around social networking.


2. VidlQ

One of the numerous YouTube tools that offer a bit of everything is this one. Great analytics and SEO tools, channel audits, and more are available with VidIQ. One feature I enjoy is that they will provide you with video ideas based on popular videos in your field. They also have a further trick up your sleeve: study of keywords. Just remember that you may buy different service levels based on your demands and financial constraints. 


  • It displays the quantity of users that look up a particular term on YouTube each month.
  • With VidIQ, you can effectively outperform your rivals in your specialty in terms of viewing rates and ranking. 



  • One disadvantage of VidIQ is the expensive cost of their Boost package. To use VidIQ's capabilities, you may thus start with the Free plan if you're on a tight budget. 
  • insufficient reviews for video titles.


3. Tubics

Check out Tubics if you require excellent SEO and A/B card testing. Although it's one of the more feature-rich YouTube tools, its expertise lies in increasing exposure. Additionally, Tubics provides you with excellent video ideas, along with competition information and questions to explore. Tubics is more focused on SEO and a direct approach to outperforming your competitors, while many other solutions aim to assist you in becoming discovered.


  • The programme itself is enjoyable to use and beneficial to several users, not just one.
  • There are always new videos to watch.



  • It may heat the device quickly leading to safety concerns.
  • There is no link for addressing problems identified during the audit.

4. Camtasia

Camtasia is a program for screen capturing and editing videos. You may improve your content by using video recordings. With Camtasia, you can record your voice either while or after you monitor the screen by using the voice narration option. You can also access sound effects and add music using Camtasia. It works well for using YouTube to display animations and seminars.


  • The icons for the visual effects are big and have clear labels. Applying effects is as easy as simply dropping.
  • The cursor effects are incredible.



  • Some variants are unreliable and repeatedly crash the programme.
  • Several hacks exist for manipulating items on the screen. However, they are difficult to regulate and can sound dull. 

5. Social Blade

Social Blade's ability to monitor various metrics on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter is one of its main draws. With this tool, you can compare three channels at once. This will provide you with an excellent idea of how you compare to other channels. Another component of Social Blade ascertains if YouTube producers are a part of multi-channel systems or managing firms. Find out how other individuals are making money off of their accounts by using this knowledge.


  • It maintains user data for several of the largest social media networks worldwide.
  • Users can evaluate the efficacy of their channel to that of other channels in their specialty using Social Blade.
  • Social Blade is helpful for creators who want to see how their channel's popularity fluctuates. 



  • Its provided information has been determined to be erroneous or lacking. 
  • The privacy issues of utilizing a technology like Social Blade, which demands access to a channel's information, could worry some users. .

6. Woobox

Woobox is the best option if you want to advertise your YouTube videos on different channels, which is something we strongly advise. Social networking is an excellent platform for repurposing your video material, as we've previously stated. It's a tactic we employ. You may arrange all of your YouTube videos on a Facebook tab using Woobox. Friends and admirers on Facebook can browse and watch your YouTube videos straight from Facebook. 


  • Woobox is user-friendly.
  • The Woobox team has an excellent customer service system wherein its growth team finds the ideal solutions for clients.



  • It has restrictions on the audience who have seen the ads. 
  • Users find it time-consuming to complete technical tasks.

7. Unsplash

Search Unsplash's amazing picture collection, where you can download most of the millions of amazing photographs for free. Every downloadable image is accessible under the Unsplash "license," which essentially allows you to use any photo for any purpose—commercial or non-commercial—without contacting the photographer first. 


  • Its exceptional quality of images makes it simpler to use straight into projects and UX design.
  • Simple to use and search through.



  • It requests sign-in before downloading the largest possible resolution.
  • It's challenging to look up a photographer by name or locate their material without following them.

8. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is exactly what its name suggests: it suggests keywords for YouTube. These are keywords that you may use in your explanations, tags, and titles. A feature of Keyword Tool is that it also provides long-tail keyword ideas. As one of the most well-known platforms, Instagram is a great place to learn about incredible tools for growing your fan base. You can learn about amazing tools to grow your instagram audience


  • It provides a large amount of keyword data.
  • It has a large variety of pertinent keywords for their SEO initiatives.



  • It can be expensive for small businesses.
  • It has a steep learning curve.

If you're prepared to expand your YouTube channel, you can use resources to accomplish your objectives.  Push your video advertising approach to the next level. Use these tools today!

Whether you work as a marketer, blogger, online celebrity, or a team member at an agency, YouTube tools will have a significant impact on your video strategy and viewership. While you don't have to use every one of these tools, we advise gradually integrating them into your YouTube development plan. 


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