Training-Based Mentoring

Shriya Sarang

22nd May'22

A training program is linked to this mentoring approach. A mentor is appointed to each mentee in order to assist them in developing the skills taught in the program. Because it concentrates on the issue at hand and does not help the mentee acquire a broader skillset, training-based mentoring is limited. The program is well-known, and various companies utilize it to train their employees. Training can be given remotely as well as in short sessions. These further branch into two new types of mentoring models


Flash Mentoring


Flash mentoring refers to one-time mentoring sessions aimed at learning a specific skill or piece of knowledge. Flash mentoring is excellent for allowing for effective knowledge sharing without the strain of forming a long-term relationship. It can also be used with other types of mentoring, such as group mentoring, to maximize the effectiveness of the session and reach a larger group of employees.

It's also a good method to get new mentors and mentees acquainted. A flash mentoring session can be used as a trial run for a new mentoring relationship and to assist people to expand their networks before committing to a longer-term mentoring connection.


Virtual Mentoring


Since remote work has been and will continue to be vital in our modern working lives, virtual mentoring is an important type of mentoring to serve your employees.

Many different sorts of mentoring can be conducted remotely using a range of virtual communication apps and technologies. Because you can connect with people without having to meet in person, mentoring can now encompass people from various cities and even countries.

Virtual mentoring can also make your mentoring program more accessible to employees who are unable to attend in-person meetings or prefer to communicate via the internet. It's also a crucial aspect of the assistance you may provide to remote teams.


Benefits of Training Based Mentoring



Employers face a significant retention difficulty, yet strong individuals can be retained through career development. Indeed, training and development have grown so ingrained in firms that it is frequently utilized as a hiring advantage. Offering professional development opportunities makes employees feel valued and committed to the organization, resulting in higher employee retention and a 59 percent reduced staff turnover rate.

Leaders who feel empowered within the workplace will be more effective at influencing employees and gaining their trust. Consequently, those employees will feel a greater sense of autonomy, value, and confidence in their work.

Finally, giving employees opportunities to learn about new topics, improve their abilities, and broaden their knowledge can help your team members bond. They will work together on new issues throughout these training and development events. They can also rely on one another for a variety of learning opportunities by interacting with colleagues who specialize in distinct fields. According to studies, peer cooperation is their favorite technique of learning. Learning from one another's skills not only results in a more well-rounded staff but can also help with retention and engagement.


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Shriya Sarang holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Apart from having no political opinions, she advocates financial literacy among her friends. 


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