Trends in the Online Gifting Industry in India


9th Jul'20
Trends in the Online Gifting Industry in India | OpenGrowth

Who doesn’t like gifts? There are a bunch of feelings hidden behind the sentence “Hey, I have a gift for you!” The face starts blooming after receiving one, that twinkling eyes says it all.


Why Giving Gifts Will Never Go Out of Fashion?

Gift giving is an act that indicates that you are thankful. On certain occasions — birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, the end of the year — it’s traditional. Underlying that tradition is an important purpose: appreciation. We give people gifts to show them that we are thankful for them and value the role they play in our lives. Gifts are the token of love to express feelings.

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Emerging Trends In Online Gifting Industry in India


There’s huge emergence of different E-commerce platforms in the market. Online gift shops are one of them. Gifts should be such that even a small gift can convey enormous feelings and expectations. 

Let’s talk about the different platform which allows us to send gifts to our loved ones. Read some of the emerging trends in online gifting industry in India:

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There are different websites and applications given below which has varieties of gift options:


Archie online gift store is to buy personalized gifts, greeting cards and special gift ideas for all occasions initially it traded songbooks, posters and leather patches. Click Here.

2. Ferns N Petals

This website is for flower gifts and cakes but mostly it is popular for flowers. It allows you to explore freshly cut flowers and send them to your loved ones within 2 hours. Click Here.

Click here to know more about such websites:

1. Floweraura





Inspired Ideas : Personalized Gifts


The above-mentioned websites are well-known in the Indian market. There are different other competitors in the industry with innovative ideas of personalized Coffee Mugs, Pillow, Photoframes, T-shirts, and many more. The innovative idea of gifts are highly appreciated in the market and it’s growing day by day

Here are the lists of such online innovative personalized gift shops

1. IGPs





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Trends in the Gifting Industry


Read the article below to know what is trending in the gifting industry in 2020 in India:

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Read the articles below to know the trends in the gifting industry around the world:

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