Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - Specifications and Advantages

Falak Chandna

17th Mar'21
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - Specifications and Advantages | OpenGrowth

Trusted Platform Module or Usually known through its abbreviation TPM, is a hardware-based security solution. The work of this solution is that It intends to protect your data from the hacking attacks pulled off by hackers through computer hardware.

This is the task that is majorly performed by attaching a cryptographic chip to the computer's motherboard, which is also recognized by the name of cryptoprocessor.

Also, each TPM has machine-related encryption keys. Most PCs come with pre-installed TPM devices on motherboards, considering today's time where hacking and cybersecurity are becoming the most affected areas, conferring business technology as a subject.

Further, the use of TPM certainly increased its utility because of the technology sector which is continuously improvising on the new IoT development or other tech features now and then. Not only this but they also address the same as an obvious door opening for hackers to moonshine in.


Why is TPM needed?


TPM offers a hardware portion that improves security over software-only solutions. Without TPM, the device unlocks and then executes some code on a drive which jeopardizes the system and the electronic circuits. Furthermore, the reboot begins with TPM and is authenticated from a reputable source.

Next, TPM produces a pair of login credentials and secures part of each key and also the verification phase. It just ensures that a portion of the private encryption key is saved in the TPM instead of being kept completely on the disk.

Moreover, there is also no way to decrypt the contents in the scenario where perhaps a hacker mangles with your machine. The TPM would not make it easy for hackers trying to overcome the chip encryption, even though they are trying to delete a TPM chip or to enter the disk from another motherboard.

All of the above is certainly a result of the structure involved in the making of the chip. During the silicon production process, each TPM is integrated with a special activated signature that improves its protection efficiency. To use a TPM, it must first have an owner and also a TPM customer must be readily available to become a part of it. A TMP cannot be allowed without these two moves. And that's what makes TPM one of the most required parameters with regards to its requirement in the current business organizations.


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As we have already understood the importance of the Trusted Platform Module, let us now understand the benefits that it can provide to the professionals in an organized arrangement -

  1. The automated change to lockdown mode in the event of a settlement is a major advantage for TPM. In Lockdown mode, if the TPM chip senses a workaround, it locks itself so that you can identify the issue and solve it, just in time.

  2. To enter the internet tools in a TPM, you can easily store your login credentials, certificates and password. This is a safer option than saving them on the hard drive, inside any application or software.

  3. TPM chips enable communication enterprises with special exemption because they safeguard digital media supplied to hardware, like a set-top box. TPM's chips enable businesses to deliver content without any concerns about copyright infringements by allowing digital rights management.

  4. Enhancement of multi-factor authentications by the smart card and fingerprint scanner is also an asset provided by TPM.

  5. It also presents Hash configuration details for server integrity until the hard disk termination commences.

In the end, data protection is not only a major problem for small companies and businesses but also for customers on a daily basis. In the case of systematic infringements of privacy, from user login information, credit card information, and publicly identifiable medical records, users must be mindful of data protection and take action to safeguard their information.


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Besides, it becomes imperative to take care of both hardware and software systems to work in a no problem environment that is surrounded by special security magic wands.

This is correctly stated as, Hardware is easy to protect: lock it in a room, chain it to a desk, or buy a spare. Information poses more of a problem. It can exist in more than one place; be transported halfway across the planet in seconds, and be stolen without your knowledge. - Bruce Schneier 

Therefore, Say Hi to Gaining Information!!

And, the obstacles will always wave a pleasant goodbye!!

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