Turning Redundancy Into Entrepreneurship

Divya Swaraj

23rd Jan'21

The culture of dropping off excessive and unnecessary employees is very much in practice in present years. Companies try to work with a minimum number of employees, choosing the best from them. The term redundancy has been practically in use for decades. In every recession, the economies reset themselves and leave behind employees jobless.

Redundancy provides the headspace to start thinking like an entrepreneur. For many, it will be the push they needed to venture into self-employment. For others, who want the reassurance of continual lead generation and the support of a head office function franchising bridges the gap. Regardless of the route people take, often they don’t know where to start.

Turning Redundancy Into Entrepreneurship


Guidance to utilize redundant time

Being made redundant can be one of the toughest challenges of your working life. But by transforming a negative experience into a positive, redundancy can also be a key turning point in your career. Your redundancy can be either ‘voluntary’, where you put your hand up to be made redundant. Or you may experience a ‘forced’ redundancy, losing your job due to restructures or changes by the business. While it may not feel this way at the time, both types of redundancies can offer opportunities. The key is to manage the transition to your next job by developing a redundancy plan.

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