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2nd May'23
Two One-way Flights V/S One Round-trip Ticket | OpenGrowth

There are several options to consider while making a flight reservation. Is a full-service airline or a budget airline preferable for travel? How about comparing basic and advanced economies? And what would you choose: cookies or pretzels? 

The simplest decision, yet one of the most difficult, is whether to purchase a single round-trip ticket or two one-way tickets. For domestic flights, the price difference between the two is typically the same, but for foreign trips, it can be quite different (assuming you're paying cash instead of points and miles).

According to the latest consumer price index data, flights were 26% more expensive in January 2023 than in January 2022. This means budget travelers need to make every dollar count. Here’s how to travel full time!

In general, reserving a round-trip flight for a vacation with set start and finish dates can be more convenient; but, there are some situations one-way flights make more sense due to factors including cancellation restrictions and cost. Additionally, when using miles to book a flight, everything is different. 

Let's deconstruct it.


First, What Does Round-trip Mean in Terms of Tickets or Flights?

Before we discuss whether buying a round-trip ticket or two one-way tickets for the same trip is more affordable, let's first define our terms to make sure everyone is on the same page. As you probably know, round-trip flights or airline tickets allow you to travel back and forth between two points, such as Miami and Boston. On the same airline ticket are the fares of both flights. When you fly by plane on a round-trip ticket, that is a round-trip flight.

A round-trip ticket is often referred to as a "circle ticket" or a "return air ticket" since you leave your starting point, "A," and travel to your destination, where you may remain for many days or longer, which is "B." You complete the circle by taking a flight back to "A," where you first started. Round-trip tickets, also called "return air tickets," include both a flight out and a return to the same place. Contrarily, a one-way ticket allows you to travel there and not return.


Checklist for Booking Your Next Flight 

Consider these 6 points before you book your next flight.

1. Domestic flight

Round-trip domestic flights on the same carrier cost the same as two one-way tickets. There is a condition: Sometimes it can be more affordable (or more expensive) to purchase two one-way tickets between different airports of departure or arrival. 

"Fares don't have to be booked as returns," asserts Laura Lindsay, a travel industry analyst with SkyScanner. To save money, consider flying out of one airport and landing at a different one or using different airlines for outbound and return flights.

Numerous online travel tools will compare prices and automatically include these mismatched airline or airport itineraries in search results for these erroneous airline or airport itineraries. 

However, it could be worthwhile to manually check. This is especially true for travel arrangements involving many nearby airports or for airlines like Southwest that don't show up in search results.

All things considered, the difference is typically a wash for domestic flights. 


2. International flights

Overseas tickets have different reasoning. Round-trip tickets are typically cheaper than one-way tickets. Purchasing two one-way flights often costs 20% more than purchasing one round-trip ticket, according to a NerdWallet analysis of prices on many foreign routes. 


3. Airlines reduce one-way fares 

Travelers on a budget can now get affordable one-way tickets thanks to domestic discount airlines and online travel agencies that have entered the rate competition. The major airlines have also raised domestic one-way fare competition, even if they still charge round-trip costs (or more) for one-way tickets on international flights.  

There are some instances where one-way tickets are cheaper than others. While one-way ticket prices dropped by 25% in one-third of American airline markets, other areas still charge higher one-way ticket fees.

Business travelers who frequently combine trips usually choose one-way flights, and their corporate travel departments typically pay full price for the tickets.


4. You can mix airlines by booking individual flights

After you've established that you won't incur a financial loss by purchasing separate air travel legs, consider your motivations. In some circumstances, it may make sense to book a round-trip itinerary as two one-way trips, according to Griff. "For starters, it allows you the freedom to do your research while selecting from a variety of airlines. Combining flights on various airlines might occasionally result in cost savings”, he says. 

You might use reward miles earned on two different airlines that fly to your destination if you have them. This will enable you to use them all in one trip. Booking independently enables you to achieve that. Even better, you might get an excellent deal on your outbound ticket with one airline and your return flight with another.

That said when combining two airlines on one journey, you'll need to pay attention to varied ticket rules. For example, if your flight out is delayed or canceled, you would only be eligible for a refund for that part of the trip if you bought one-way.


5. It may cost more to change a return flight

With penalties ranging from $0 to $400, changing airline tickets for a return trip can be very expensive. Domestic flights cost $200.  It will still be less expensive than changing a round-trip

 ticket, though, if you can afford to purchase two reasonably priced one-way tickets for the same journey. You may simply refuse to use the ticket you want to alter and buy another one.

Furthermore, because the total penalty you pay is based on the ticket cost, changing a return flight ticket can cost more than changing a one-way ticket.


6. Find the best airfare rates by researching

The day of the week on which airlines released their lowest prices was Tuesday, so for a long time, travel experts advised purchasing tickets on that day. That's not true anymore. Now, making reservations should depend on more than the day of the week but also on how many days you have until your vacation.

On the weekends, people tend to book their flights the most, but Sunday can also be the most expensive day. For leisure travel, reservations should be made seven weeks in advance.

To assure the lowest prices and greatest offers on both one-way tickets and round-trip tickets, browse the top flight search engines available to you to reduce the hassle of looking for flights. I hope this was useful information for your next travel!
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