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Unlocking the 3 Cs Mentorship Framework - Consult, Collaborate, and Coach

Manali Mehrishi

24th Apr'23
Unlocking the 3 Cs Mentorship Framework - Consult, Collaborate, and Coach | OpenGrowth

Are you interested in advancing your career and seeking guidance from experienced professionals? Mentorship may be the perfect solution for you. It’s an effective way to learn from experienced professionals and gain insights to help you succeed in your career. A good mentorship framework should have a clear structure and focus on achieving specific goals. The 3 Cs of the mentorship framework - Consult, Collaborate & Coaching - are important pillars that make mentorship effective.

One example of a famous mentor who has used the 3 Cs of mentorship coaching is Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah has been a mentor to many people throughout her career, including her longtime partner Stedman Graham. She has also mentored countless individuals through her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

In her mentorship relationships, Oprah is known for using the 3 Cs of the mentorship framework: consultation, collaboration, and coaching. She prioritizes building a strong connection with her mentees, often sharing personal stories and insights to help them feel understood and supported. She also emphasizes the importance of collaboration, encouraging mentees to share their ideas and perspectives and working together to develop strategies for success. Finally, Oprah is committed to cultivating her mentees' skills and talents, pushing them to achieve their full potential, and providing constructive feedback to help them grow.

Through her use of the 3 Cs of mentorship coaching, Oprah has helped countless individuals overcome challenges, develop their talents, and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

So if you want to enhance your skills, find a mentor who embodies the 3 types of mentorship techniques. With their help, you can achieve your career goals and unlock your full potential. In this blog, we will explore what are the key mentoring principles and the 3 Cs of the mentorship framework.


3 Cs of the Mentorship Framework

3 Cs of the mentorship framework - Consult, Collaborate, and Coaching - form the foundation for successful mentorship relationships.


3 cs of mentorship framework

Consulting is the process of providing expert advice and guidance to help someone make a decision or solve a problem. In the context of mentorship, consultation involves the mentor sharing their expertise with the mentee. The mentor should be available to listen to the mentee's concerns and provide guidance based on their knowledge and experience.

For example, if a mentee is struggling to choose between two job offers they can express their concerns and ask for advice from their mentor. The mentor will listen attentively, ask questions to understand the situation and share their expert opinion on the pros and cons of each option. With this guidance, the mentee will be able to make an informed decision.

In addition, during the consultation phase, the mentor should encourage the mentee to ask questions and share their thoughts. The mentor should also help the mentee evaluate their options and identify potential risks or opportunities.



In the context of mentorship, collaboration involves the mentor and the mentee working together to achieve a specific objective. The mentor should encourage the mentee to share their ideas and perspectives and work collaboratively to identify solutions to problems. 

A good example of collaboration in mentorship could be when a mentor is helping their mentee develop a new business idea. The mentor and the mentee work together to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the idea and explore potential solutions to any challenges that may arise. They collaborate to develop a business plan and identify key stakeholders who could provide support or funding. By working together and combining their perspectives and expertise, the mentor and mentee can create a stronger, more well-rounded business plan that has a better chance of success.



Coaching is the process of helping someone develop their skills and abilities through guidance and practice. In the context of mentorship, coaching involves the mentor providing the mentee with specific feedback on their performance and helping them improve their skills.

During the coaching phase, the mentor should observe the mentee's performance and provide specific feedback on areas that need improvement. The mentor should also guide how the mentee can improve their skills and encourage them to practice regularly. There are several types of coaching you can undertake depending on the area you want to work on, few examples are- Skills based coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, career coaching, and transformational coaching.


What are the Key Principles of Mentoring?

3 cs of mentorship framework

  • Trust -  Trust is essential in any mentor-mentee relationship. The mentee must trust that the mentor has their best interests at heart and that they will provide guidance and support without judgment or bias.

  • Communication - The mentor must be able to listen actively to the mentee's concerns, provide constructive feedback, and offer advice in a way easily understood by the mentee.

  • Accountability - The mentor and the mentee should be accountable for their actions and commitments. The mentor should hold the mentee accountable for following through on their and goals, while the mentee should hold the mentor accountable for providing the guidance and support they need.

  • Confidentiality -  Confidentiality is critical in mentoring. The mentor must respect the mentee's privacy and keep any confidential information shared during the mentoring relationship private.

  • Flexibility -  Mentoring should be flexible to meet the needs of the mentee. The mentor should be willing to adjust their approach to mentoring to accommodate the mentee's learning style and preferences.

  • Positive reinforcement -  Positive reinforcement is essential in mentoring. The mentor should acknowledge the mentee's accomplishments and offer praise and encouragement when appropriate.

By adhering to these key principles, both mentors and mentees can maximize the benefits of the mentoring relationship and achieve their goals.


What are the 3 types of mentoring techniques?

There are several types of mentoring techniques. Here are the 3 most commonly used.

One-to-One Mentoring 

This is the traditional form of mentoring, where a more experienced individual (the mentor) works with a less experienced individual (the mentee) in a one-to-one setting. The mentor provides guidance, advice, and support to help the mentee develop specific skills, achieve goals, and navigate their career path.


Group Mentoring 

3 cs of mentorship framework

In group mentoring, a mentor works with a small group of mentees. This technique allows the mentor to provide guidance and support to multiple individuals at once. Group mentoring can be especially effective when the mentees share common goals or interests.


Reverse Mentoring

 In reverse mentoring, the less experienced individual (often a younger employee) mentors the more experienced individual (often a senior executive). Reverse mentoring techniques can help senior executives learn about emerging trends, technologies, and perspectives from younger employees, while also providing growth opportunities for the less experienced mentee.

Each of these mentoring techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the most effective technique depends on the goals of the mentoring relationship, the needs of the mentee, and the resources available to the mentor.


In conclusion, the 3 Cs of the mentoring framework - communication, collaboration, and coaching - are essential for a successful mentor-mentee relationship. Effective communication helps build trust and understanding, collaboration fosters creativity and innovation, and coaching helps to develop specific skills. By following this framework, mentors can provide valuable guidance and support to help mentees achieve their full potential.


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