Unveiling Sustainability using Carbon neutral: Microsoft

Isha Panwar

17th Feb'21

For greater than a decade, Microsoft has been investing to decrease environmental impact whilst helping the digital transformation of companies around the world via cloud services. We attempt to be obvious with our commitments, evidenced by using our announcement that Microsoft’s cloud data centers will be powered by way of a hundred percent renewable power sources with the aid of 2025.

The commitments and investments we make as an employer are essential steps in lowering our personal environmental impact. However, we apprehend that the chance for excellent exchange is best by way of empowering clients and companions to attain their very own sustainability goals.


Unveiling Sustainability using Carbon neutral-opengrowth


Providing transparency with rigorous methodology

The tool’s calculations are based totally on a customer’s Azure consumption, knowledgeable with the aid of the lookup in the 2018 whitepaper, “The Carbon neutral Benefits of Cloud Computing: a Study of the Microsoft Cloud,” and have been independently confirmed by means of Apex, a main environmental verification body. Carbon neutrality provides local weather motion now and prepares your commercial enterprise for a low carbon transformation.

The calculator elements in inputs such as the Azure service's power necessities, the electricity combine of the electric-powered grid serving the web hosting datacenters, Microsoft's procurement of renewable power in these data centers, as properly as the emissions associated with the switch of facts over the internet. The result is an estimate of the greenhouse fuel (GHG) emissions, measured in whole metric heaps of carbon equal (MTCO2e) associated with a customer's consumption of Azure.

The calculator offers a granular view of the estimated emissions financial savings from strolling workloads on Azure by way of accounting for Microsoft's IT operational efficiency, IT gear efficiency, and data center infrastructure effectivity in contrast to that of traditional on-premises deployment. It also estimates the emission's financial savings attributable to a patron from Microsoft's renewable energy buy.


Course to actionable insight

Azure organization clients can get commenced by downloading the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator from AppSource and following the covered setup instructions. We're excited via the possibility this new device affords for our clients to acquire a deeper grasp of their modern-day infrastructure and pressure significant sustainability conversations inside their organizations. We see this as a first step and format to deepen and amplify the tool's competencies in the future. We recognize our clients would like an even greater complete view of our cloud offerings' sustainability advantages and seem ahead to helping and enabling them in their journey.

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