VC Blogs an Entrepreneur Must Read - Part 2


29th Apr'20
VC Blogs an Entrepreneur Must Read - Part 2 | OpenGrowth

Because reading should never stop. We have few more blogs written by VC's or is related to Venture Capitalist which an Entrepreneur should read.

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List of Venture Capaitalist Related Blogs


A Smart Bear - Jason Cohen, who is a founder at Smart Bear Software and WP Engine.

A16z Blogs by Andreessen Horowitz, partnered by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, who are the founders of a16z.

First Round Review: "to access the knowledge of the most talented people in technology" is their vision and they provide Q&A and discussions on their forum.

Venture Hacks  Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant. Entrepreneur and co-founder of AngelList. They provide advice on start-ups.

Grow VC Group Grow: latest news about digital and distributed finance services and Fintech innovations.

Hi, I’m David G. Cohen: provides thoughts from an ex-hacker turned investor and founder of TechStars.

Barron's Income Investing  It provides in-depth analysis and commentary on a wide variety of topics like funds, stocks, and credits. Andrew Chen is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. The blogs are on tech and start-ups and trends in Silicon Valley. 

Boost VC - Medium Majorly consists of blogs that can help Crypto and VR startups. provides insight, analysis, and research on Middle Eastern private equity, real estate, and venture capital investors.

InvestmentWatch Exploring Investment Watch blog you can find not only real news but also some interesting conspiracy theories.

Startup Funding Book: Nicolaj H. Nielsen and co-authored by Tomasz Gidzgier. The blogs are about venture capital and startups, they provide their insights and experiences with other entrepreneurs and startups.

The Twenty Minute VC Includes interviews with CEOs or partners of successful companies in the form of Podcasts.nd founders.

This is going to be BIG is a personal blog on startups, venture capital, entrepreneurship, etc. by Charlie O'Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.

Tomasz Tunguz Venture Capitalist at Redpoint. His blogs about startups, cloud computing, and starting companies.

Vanguard Blog: focused on investing, personal finance, retirement, economy, and market.

The Venture Alley Everything entrepreneurs should know is present on the blog posts is an online community of thousands of entrepreneurs a

Jim Rogers Blog It is about investment ideas, video interviews, and media appearances.

Sam Altman Sam Altman’s blog is a great read from both a VCs perspective on the tech industry and for insight into broad trends, as well as detailed advice that will help founders build their companies.

LifeSciVC  Bruce Booth is an early-stage venture capitalist. In his blog is writes various biotech venture capital review articles.

Mahesh VC  Mahesh Vellanki is an investor at Redpoint Ventures, he posts practical information related to the consumer internet sector on his blogs

Malartu Malartu blog This blog provides articles on a wide variety of topics like finance, management, and a better understanding of the market.

Nanalyze  : It provides articles connected with investing in emerging technologies, Fintech, and AI with advice and tricks to help to achieve your business goal.

Paul Graham Paul Graham, author, and co-founder of Y Combinator and the Viaweb. He writes his experiences in a form of essay on this platform.

Real Investment Daily – RIA Real Investment Daily is a blog with financial news, economics theories, AI, stocks, and tips, which are helpful in understanding the possibilities of investing.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog Bloggers are proven CEO's and CMO's, having already faced many growth challenges. Their blog presents helpful tricks on growth strategy, execution, and financing needs.

Seth Levine's VC Adventure Seth Levine, co-founder at Boulder-based Foundry Group. he is focusing on early-stage investments in various technologies business on his blogs

The Gust Blog The Gust Blog focuses on investors’ insights, startup investing, and success stories. Tips for entrepreneurs and startup owners.


If you want to go through some more blogs, here is the another list curated by OpenGrowth. 

We, at OpenGrowth, wish you a very happy reading. If you want to know more about startup related funding, then let us know in the comment section.


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