Vedika Sharma - Woman Who Holds The Power To Ayurveda

Adding poise to the already existing Ayurvedic culture, Delhi-based girl Vedika Sharma has taken Ayurvedic skincare and beauty products to a next level. Through Mantra Herbal, her clean cosmetic startup, Vedika has gone beyond the cliches of Ayurveda to combine this with technology producing some exotic beauty products for women.  

Vedika has been trying her hands on small Ayurveda practices since she was a little girl. Her family’s association with Ayurveda dates back to 1917. Her grandfather Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma studied Ayurveda and founded the Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhavan in Jhansi. With his study and experiments, he gained fame for his medicine Baidyanath Pandra which cured malaria back during the 1950 epidemic. 

"I Come from a marketing background. I was always interested in Ayurveda and wanted to bring alive the concept of upright beauty to the Indian markets. We are an ayurvedic brand born with the idea of clean beauty focused on producing a delightful blend of time-tested solutions of Ayurveda along with technology, Vedika said.

In 2015, Vedika was keen to introduce the Ayurvedic brand, Mantra Herbal, in the field of safe and organic beauty products. The entrepreneur says that this brand focuses on the two-fold objective of attracting a younger group and promoting conventional Ayurvedic practice. She stresses that as a brand of skincare, Mantra Herbal differs from its medical family company.

About Mantra Herbal

Mantra Herbal is an Ayurvedic skincare brand that was established in 2015 with the belief to provide some astonishing products to the people. She wished for products that held the ability to create magic in people’s lives. The products here at Mantra Herbals are conveniently suitable for everyday skincare needs. 

Vedika, while studying abroad, was amazed to know that people there knew and followed Ayurveda more than the people in India. After substantial research in the market space and realizing the void that exists here concerning Ayurvedic natural products, she decided to take a step ahead and set up Mantra Herbal. This brand has proved to be a huge success. 

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This brand uses 100% natural ingredients for the making of each of its products and that's what stands out Mantra Herbal from other skincare products. 

Mantra Herbal offers various commodities ranging between Rs 250 and Rs 4,000, for body, skin, hair, and spa medications. These products are easily accessible in more than 150 shops along with Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and HealthKart. In addition, her products have equally found a place in countries such as the US, Great Britain, and the Middle East as well.

As the demand for clean beauty products continues, the demand for natural cosmetics also increases. Vedika says that “The products at Mantra Herbal are made from old Ayurvedic practices. They focus on the core value which makes them special to their customers.”  

She further adds in one of her interviews that, “It’s been quite an experience! I’ve learned so much on the job and have entered the kind of exposure and experience that I wouldn’t otherwise. I’ve learned to deal with all sorts of issues and people and I’ve also discovered a lot from the mistakes I’ve made and a lot from the people I work with.”  

Vedika comes from a family recognized for its rich ayurvedic practice and industry. She completed her marketing management and communications from the UK. She has also worked with brands like Coca-Cola, The Times Group, and Red FM before coming up with this start-up in 2015. 


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