Virtual Christmas Party Ideas in 2022

Jyotshana Rani

14th Dec'20
Virtual Christmas Party Ideas in 2022 | OpenGrowth

Virtual Christmas Party

Do you remember sleeping with a sock underneath your pillow in your childhood, thinking Santa will come and bring gifts for us? Almost everyone has done it in their childhood on Christmas Eve. It clearly shows the hope that we have in our hearts.

Christmas is celebrated worldwide with a lot of zeal, and it brings hope with it. Also, it makes us realize that no matter how much we grow up, it is not at all silly to wait for Santa to arrive.

We celebrate Christmas in December every year. Still, the soothing carol notes, freshly baked plum cakes, gifts kept under the Christmas tree, candies hanging from the pines of the tree, laughter, everything is so clear as if we celebrated it yesterday.

Over the years, our way of celebration has changed a lot, and this year we will see a very different way of celebrating the festival. We have to enjoy the day keeping the ongoing covid can't stop you doing this Christmas celebration to get suffered from the pandemic in our minds.

The traditional Christmas party will be replaced by the virtual Christmas party. Do not get sad over it, the way we celebrate may change this year, but the happiness will remain the same.


Planning a Virtual office Party

We have already lost the human connection in this pandemic and still trying to build relationships virtually and to make our work life easier and fun, it is important to have a break from work. Though we can not meet physically and enjoy the party, we have the option of doing it virtually. It will be something new and a great idea to connect with your team and colleagues other than work. If you have planned it before, it's great. If not, here is Read more


We bring you some brilliant idea for Virtual Christmas Party:


1. Tech the halls

It’s been 9 months to lockdown, and you must have already been using some kind of video conferencing software, and if you are not, choose a platform and make sure your team knows how to use it. You don’t want connection issues spoiling the mood, and also check if there are some extra features like backgrounds, games, polls that could multiply fun into your celebration. But, do run a proper test in advance and make sure that everyone’s home setups will be able to support it.

Don't forget to check the limitations, in case you are using any free tool. Check every aspect so that nothing dampens everyone’s mood. 


2. Avoid Work Talk

Video conferencing has become a part of work-life, so there are chances that virtual celebration will feel like yet another work call. You can ask your team to wear some clothes related to the Christmas theme, can add a festive background, and even can change their display names to something festive. Just make sure nobody should feel like they’re at work.


3. Virtual secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of the most awaited games of the Christmas celebration. Of course, it was fun playing offline. You can have the same fun this year, an online service like Elfster will help you to set up your party's Secret Santa Read more.

You can set a monetary limit and encourage participants to take advantage of the website's wish list feature. Send your  Best online gifts, so that it arrives before the party and let everyone guess who their secret Santa is over the virtual meet. In addition to that, each person can take turns opening their Secret Santa's best online gift and show it to everyone.


4. Showoff Christmas Tree

Take this opportunity and ask everyone to showcase their Christmas tree and explain how they decorate it, and share their fun and happy experiences with everyone. Along with that, they can share their fun memories from the previous year's celebrations as well.


5. Sing Christmas Carols and Songs

If there is any good singer in the team, you can ask them to sing Christmas carols, or all of you together can sing a carol or any Christmas song. Also, if not singing, then you can create a playlist of some Christmas carols and songs. Then, Play the first three to four notes of the song, and the first person to guess the tune will score a point. And when the game is over, the person with the most points will win. And if you wish, you can give them a gift hamper. 


6. Christmas IceBreakers

Every year new people get added to your organization, as this time celebrations will be done virtually, newcomers might feel awkward to start over. So, a few festive ice breakers will help them to be comfortable.

Some icebreaker ideas:

  • Hilarious Christmas memory: Everyone can share any of their hilarious memories of Christmas from the past. 

  • You can provide a few images and GIFs and ask your team to choose which one best describes their previous year's Christmas celebration.



7. Host a Virtual Card Exchange

All these years we are trying to be a paperless society. What can be a better time than this, e-cards waste no paper, but it is equally fun as sending physical holiday cards. 

Sites like JibJab or American Greetings offer fun digital cards or invite employees to make cards using Canva. And also, for extra fun, you can host a competition for whose card is the most creative and funniest card. 


8. Christmas Slide-Show

Christmas is a photo-heavy, your employees have many Christmas memories on their phone and social media sites. Ask everyone to send you their photos and videos. Further, you can make a slideshow combining those photos and videos and share your screen so that everyone can see it. 

Also, you can add everyone's childhood pictures and ask others to guess the person in each photo. 


9. Virtual Holiday Decorating

While working in the office, being physically present, decking the halls, or trimming a tree with my colleagues is one of the best things I enjoy doing. When celebrating Christmas virtually this year, you can give employees a shared space to decorate.

Some ideas are:

  • Assign each employee certain days when they can use Instagram to make a video advent calendar. 

  • Find a virtual Christmas tree or make your own in a shared spreadsheet like google sheets.

  • Create an online photo album where colleagues can share home holiday scenes.

  • Make a holiday wallpaper that everyone can set as their background.

  • Design fun backgrounds to use during your holiday party video call.


Drop your ideas for celebrating Christmas this year in the comment section.


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