Visualizing AI Startups in Drug Discovery

Isha Panwar

5th Mar'21
Visualizing AI Startups in Drug Discovery | OpenGrowth

In the tech-savvy and AI-driven world, the race for adopting new machine learning and related technologies keeps rapidly evolving in the pharmaceutical industry, albeit with varying cost of progress across different cases.

In every sector, AI is leading at the forefront and leading the market with new products and services which are readily available with the help of the latest technological advancement. While AI shows huge vow in the discovery of new drugs, it looks like that many scientists are still ignorant of the technology’s potential. But, in coming years, the drug and pharmaceutical industries will be seen using AI in full fledge.


Visualizing AI Startups in Drug Discovery


Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Startups

Artificial Intelligence is creating a streamlined, automated strategy for drug discovery, trawling large datasets to identify targets, find candidate molecules and predict synthesis ways. Getting there will require considerable vision, but we are already glimpsing exciting examples of AI helping direct research and reduce discovery times.

Artificial Intelligence allows testing novel and existing drugs for a large number of targets at once. Genome Biologics is a German startup that formulates solutions for preclinical drug discovery.

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Visualizing AI Startups in Drug Discovery


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery 

Artificial Intelligence is advancing the drug discovery world. It is already helping drug discovery as it can help in identifying drug targets, find good molecules from data libraries, suggest chemical modifications, and identify competitors for repurposing, and much more.

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