5 Ways That The Employment Process Has Changed In Recent Years

5 Ways That The Employment Process Has Changed In Recent Years | OpenGrowth

In the past, finding a job was simple. You had to search for a role that suited your abilities or qualifications and then send your application for processing. If you are the most suitable candidate, then you will be brought into the company. While the employment process hasn’t deviated too much from this initial approach, some significant changes in recent years may surprise you if you find yourself in need of a job hunt. Read on to find out how employment has changed and how you can prepare yourself for the modern job market.



A job has always been seen as a means to earn money. Some people do enjoy what they do for a living; however, the main goal for every employee is to earn a payslip in return for their services so they can pay for their bills and leisure activities. In the modern job market, both the employee and employer expect more.

A simple pay packet is no longer enough to keep an employee around anymore. There is so much competition in modern business that companies need to offer additional perks and bonuses to keep their staff around. As such, you will often find that a job advert will state the initial salary alongside a series of bonus payments that will come over time.

In order to receive these perks, though, you must ensure the potential employer that you are right for the job. There is no learning on the job anymore. Employers expect you to know exactly what you are doing the second you step through the door, and this includes staying up to date with modern office practices.


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Before the digital age moved into full swing back in the late 00s, applying for jobs was a lengthy process that you had to dedicate time toward. However, new recruitment sites have advanced so much that potential candidates can now apply for a job with one click of a button on their smart devices. This means your competition can apply for jobs anywhere at any time.

Recruitment sites will save your CV and cover letter, which will automatically attach to any application you send. Therefore, applying for jobs is now based on speed as well as compatibility. Once the company has received enough applications, they will close the job advert to sort through the candidates that have already applied. This means that you should always remain alert and ready to always send off your applications.



Outplacing is not a new concept, but it is seeing a lot more use in modern times. This process is part of a company’s HR department, and outplacement services aim to move current employees along to their next job if they are made redundant. This is something that can help support your employees while also helping support your own reputation and brand.

You may have been the model employee, but sometimes a business does not have the resources to keep you on board. Instead of letting your talents go to waste, a company can use outplacement services by Randstad RiseSmart to find another suitable position for you elsewhere. Therefore, you remain gainfully employed and the business stays true to the ethical redundancy process.


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International Recruitment

Another door opened by recent technological advancements is the ability to communicate with people overseas in real-time. This means that companies aren’t restricted to hiring local employees anymore. People can work remotely, receiving projects and completing them in their own time. While this opens up a lot more possibilities for businesses to recruit talented individuals, it does mean that there is fierce competition out there for job seekers.

It isn’t all bad news, though. The internationalization of the job market also means that there are more job opportunities out there for potential candidates so long as they are willing to work remotely.



One unfortunate consequence of living in a digital era is that technology is now advancing faster than most people can predict. What was once science fiction a decade ago is now in every modern office. You should always try to keep up with current technology trends; however, that is not enough anymore.

Companies want to hire people that can do their job now, but also succeed when things inevitably progress in a few years. Therefore, modern job seekers are required to keep one eye on the present, while also looking ahead to what their profession will become.



The job market has always been tricky to navigate. While some of the newer changes above may seem intimidating, some principles will never die. Companies are still on the lookout for hard-working and responsible employees, so as long as you keep these principles in mind you should be fine.


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