8 Ways to Build Workplace Relationships

Roshni Khatri

10th Aug'22

According to the Gallup organization, people who have friends at the workplace are seven times more engaged than those who haven’t. The simple reason is that the people who have friends at the workplace feel happy and secure. This eventually allows the employees to have a good relationship and creates a better link with the clients and stakeholders. 

A significant part of our life is spent in the workplace as we meet several people there and work with them too. Therefore it is crucial to build good working relations and maintain them. 


Workplace relationships


Defining Good Relationship

Trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication are essential for a productive working environment. Usually, we have to work in a team and it is essential to build a strong team as by following the approaches to team building we can make healthier relationships with our colleagues. For more clarification explore the given points:

  • Trust: You can be open and honest in your ideas and actions when you trust your team members. Furthermore, you are not required to waste time or effort "watching your back."

  • Respect: It is proclaimed that teams that respect one another values and opinions, come up with solutions based on their joint wisdom, insight, and creativity.

  • Self-Awareness: This helps in taking accountability for your words and deeds. This assists in avoiding the negative emotions that may impact others around you.

  • Inclusion: you are supposed to accept diverse people and opinions by welcoming those. For instance, if your colleague provides or suggests an idea that is different from yours then you should put the effort to acknowledge their insights and perspectives in decision making. 

  • Open Communication: Good relationships depend upon open communication, whether you are sending emails or IMs, or meetings in person or online. Thus the communication enables you to have a strong connection with the employees and other staff members.


Why Have the Good Work Relationship

Human beings are naturally social creatures and spend one-third of their lives at work. So it is clear that healthy and sound relationships make your jobs more enjoyable. The more at ease coworkers feel with one another, the more comfortable they'll feel expressing their opinions, brainstorming, and supporting new ideas. Such teamwork is essential to embrace, create, and innovate. With this, when the people see the outcomes of this kind of working culture they get inspired and work more diligently. 

Good work relationships provide you with the freedom of working and taking the necessary steps. Instead of putting time and effort into repairing bad relationships, you may concentrate on opportunities, such as securing new business or pursuing personal growth. 

Additionally, a strong professional network will assist you in advancing your career by presenting you with possibilities that you might not have otherwise had.


Workplace relationships


Ways to Build Relationships

A successful organization depends on strong interpersonal ties. Healthy relations are fruitful for you and your company, as these allow us to achieve our institutional and personal goals. Here some prime ways to build the relationship at the workplace are described:

1. Keep an Open Mind

Having an open mind is the prime key to building a strong relationship. Leslie Wardman, Founder of Ambiance Matchmaking, gives prominent advice on this topic “You don’t want to sacrifice or compromise what you believe in, but you also shouldn’t be judgmental. Be open-minded and stay true to yourself.” 

Wardman further states that you must be self-aware, understand your limitations and be conscious of your biases.

2. Connect Outside of the Workplace

Building relationships makes things easier for you. When you make personal connections with your colleagues there is less tension and friction of camaraderie and support. Besides this, if you make the bonds focused on work then you won’t be able to form strong relationships. 

With remote work it becomes more crucial to manage the employees as there can’t be breaks with the team mates. Henec, these breaks need to come in the form of open zoom rooms where people can pop into chats or on slacks to non-working topics.

On the other hand, when you work in the offices it is safe to have a get together after long working hours, as the holiday parties are an easy way to strengthen the team bonds. Seeing and meeting the office colleagues and managers outside the office helps in reminding us that we are more than just work titles.

3. Follow Through Commitments

Honoring your commitments and meeting the deadlines helps to show that you are trustworthy and a team player. However the situations can’t meet the deadline but as long as you handle the situations properly and don’t make it a habit, that is alright. As soon as you get to know that you are not able to complete the task on time just update this to your colleagues so that they can arrange another alternative. So by being on the commitments you can build strong relationships.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You need to establish a robust relationship at the workplace by showing your colleagues that you want to know and work with them better. For this you need to have constant words with coworkers and make the effort to resolve their issues.

5. Be a Good Listener

Listening is significant for effective communication, and effective communication is essential to know the team and ask questions regarding the roles, interests and backgrounds of the employees.

6. Avoid Gossips

As far as the workplace is concerned there is a chance that you will hear rumors or gossip, which may make you lose interest in your work. So it is advisable to keep the thoughts to yourself or the close friend in the office. 

Be particularly selective about whom you share anything as sharing with the wrong person can lead to unnecessary drama. And it affects the official atmosphere also.


Workplace relationships


7. Show Appreciation

Always appreciate those who are doing exemplary work or making an immense contribution to the office. You can share handwritten notes or emails to share the appreciation words.

Appreciation is essential to boost the morale of workers as they constantly take note of comments made about them. So you should offer rewards to the workers who are working well and dedicatedly.

8. Take Breaks

Timely breaks play a vital role in making healthy bonds and a friendly work culture. You can have lunch or tea together and take time to get to know each other. With this, you have to ensure that you listen more than talk.



Thus by considering the given aspects you can build strong relationships at the workplace. Positive work culture will make your office atmosphere more enjoyable. This would enable the employees to sustain in the organization for a longer duration and be work friendly. So good workplace relationships enable you to make a strong team. Besides this you should also know about the reasons why team building works as this would allow the employees to attain the desired goals efficiently.


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