Ways To Compartmentalize Emotions and Stress At Work

Roshni Khatri

21st Jan'23
Ways To Compartmentalize Emotions and Stress At Work | OpenGrowth

Our emotions can't be turned off instantly, but we can learn strategies to stop them from controlling our lives. When anything is bothering me, it occupies the front row seats in my mind, yelling at me, and pleading with me to focus on it instead of anything else that could come up during the day.

I feel this issue and try to cope with the struggle and negativity. Recently, I've been considering how much of my focus such severe situations demand at any given time, especially when other things—both routine daily jobs and significant events—are vying for my attention. 

So the stress can affect you, and your family and creates uncertainty for you. Besides this, if you are at the workplace and have to complete projects and tasks then it might be even scarier for you to manage your stress level. 

Although being transferred to remote work may be a blessing, it comes with its own set of challenges. Hence, stress may be relieved through compartmentalization. 


What Does "Compartmentalize" Mean?

The ability to compartmentalize indicates that you can maintain your attention on the task at hand and avoid allowing distractions to prevent you from reaching your objectives or crossing everything off your to-do list. It doesn't imply that you are ignoring your problems; rather, it indicates that you are aware of them but are choosing not to focus on them right now. 

Compartmentalize meaning

It's a good idea to concentrate on developing your compartmentalization muscle even when things are going well because it's not an easy skill to acquire. Compartmentalisation may be the solution for highly successful people to keep a healthy work-life balance

When you come home, being able to switch off your "work" brain will help you avoid burning out and will also help you acquire the skills necessary to switch off your "home" brain when you need to work. 


Ways to Compartmentalize Emotions and Stress

Compartmentalization is the process of singling out a problem and implementing all your energy and attention into it. Compartmentalizing is viewed as a coping strategy or defense in the psychological community, but when done effectively, it may be a powerful problem-solving tool. You can benefit from compartmentalizing in the following ways. 


Remove Distractions

Distractions are the main thing getting in the way of productivity. It's simple for us to lose focus and valuable time by checking our phones or social media accounts. When you sit to complete work, set your phone to Do Not Disturb mode. 

Close any tabs on your computer that aren't necessary and might interfere. Your efficiency and completion time will increase the more you do to concentrate on the current activity. Your surroundings have a significant impact on your productivity. Decide how to arrange your desk so that you don't become distracted. 

Working behind closed doors might be the answer to this. An organized workspace and soothing background music can keep your mind from wandering, greatly enhancing your ability to concentrate on the pressing duties at hand. 


Fix a Schedule for Your Day

A daily plan can help you organize your life and make sure you're giving the things that matter the most time. Make a schedule for your day so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

Including those in your calendar ensures that you will have enough time for the day's most important chores. You may better picture your day by using productivity software. 

Additionally, these apps provide statistical feedback on how you use your time, which you can use to make changes for the next day. You might schedule a period each day as part of your routine just for planning. Maybe spend your Friday afternoon going over the following week and making any required arrangements. 

This entails providing details and arranging your assignments according to importance. By doing everything at once, you won't have to worry about your calendar at the end of each day. 

Besides this, you should also know about the tips to stay productive while working as it can boost your capabilities. 


Allow Yourself Some Time To Relax

While completing your work is crucial, you should also make time for your family and plan for appropriate breaks. Without supervision at home, it is up to you to ensure that you are both productive and caring for yourself. 

You can schedule time for yourself by blocking off an hour for a stroll or 15 minutes for a coffee break. Try morning meditation or schedule some reading time in the afternoon. You can relax and relieve stress by engaging in these worthwhile but leisurely hobbies. 


Don’t Make False Connections

If you want to go through each day with a balanced and upbeat outlook, not every feeling deserves its own box. You can try to let go of some minor issues, distancing them from your most urgent difficulties. 

For instance, you might be frustrated that your sock drawer is still a mess, but it doesn't imply you should bring self-critical thoughts about your organizational abilities to work. 

Do not make false connections

Try To Focus

You can feel the desire to compartmentalize a stressful situation by putting it to one side when you sense its pull. However, there are moments when it is more beneficial to put everything else aside and practice intense focus. 


It is recommended, that you dedicate a brief window of time to tackling a certain issue. However, when that period of time has passed, it's time to gently close that compartment and continue with your day. 


Build Healthy Boundaries

You might want to kindly decline the next request to get coffee with someone if they consistently bring up a difficult subject in your interactions with them. If you feel pressured by your environment to enter the deep end of a negative emotional pool, it is impossible to compartmentalize healthily. 

Ask your friend what they have planned for this weekend when you feel more certain in your reasoning on a particular subject. 


End Note

Stress compartmentalization maximizes your success by fostering the ideal mental environment for doing top-notch work. You may completely engage, achieve better performance and outcomes, and eventually find fulfillment thanks to this single-minded focus. As the employee’s mental health plays a vital role in the success of a company. 

If your thinking is sound, you can enhance your ability to compartmentalize, which will maximize your success across the board. 


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