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Ways to Design Home to Prevent Common House Malfunctions

Sunny Samanta

20th Aug'22
Ways to Design Home to Prevent Common House Malfunctions | OpenGrowth

Due to the extreme weather conditions, you can often notice some common house malfunctions. The wear and tear of the home appliances and sound insulation is another reason behind house malfunctions. Therefore, it is always essential to take measures to prevent common house malfunctions. After all, who would want to come back to their home on a rainy day and see the rooftop is leaking and there's water everywhere on the floor.

There can be several other examples of house malfunctions. They are unexpected and unwanted, but you will see them unless you go through this article. It is because here we will discuss the suitable ways to design homes to prevent common house malfunctions. It can even maximize your home's value.


House Malfunction


Ways to Design Home to Prevent Common House Malfunctions

In my experience, the common house malfunctions often seen are the irrigation system, walls losing paint, and the above-mentioned rooftop leakage. But there are a few others to consider while designing your home to prevent the house malfunctions. They are as followed:


House Malfunctions


Retaining Walls

Houses built on a slope can have malfunctions easily. Therefore, it must have retaining walls to prevent it. Retaining walls allow for a proper drainage system. It can even help to prevent soil erosion and landslides. Both of which can cause heavy damage to your house.

Furthermore, retaining walls do add some style and curb appeal. And who would mind that, right? However, there are several factors to consider when designing and building a retaining wall. It can range from the materials used to know what function the structure will serve.

Take for example, if you want to  prevent soil erosion. Here you'll want to use strong enough materials to withstand heavy rains. Also, if you're more concerned with aesthetics you will have to make adjustments and use lighter materials - the ones you can easily carve accordingly.


Build a Proper Roof

Another important aspect of home design is ensuring  your roof is properly installed and in good repair. A roof maintained poorly can cause a variety of issues. You may witness water leaks and in the worst case scenario - collapsed ceilings.If you live in a weather- prone area, you must ensure the roof can withstand high winds and torrential rains. 

To further ensure your roof is in good condition, get it inspected at least once a year. Get it done more often, if it is a weather prone area. Furthermore, try  not to ignore common signs of roof damage. They are damaged shingles and leakages.


Use Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds beauty and elegance to your property. It comes in a variety of styles such as  solar-powered lights and  LED lights. You can even select the type of light as per your liking. However, do take into account the property size and requirement of light for your house. Apart from it, you can use landscape lighting for several other purposes. You can use it to highlight your home's best features. It can even add to your house security level.

Do you like gardening? More importantly, do you have one in your home? If you agree, then you must understand why watering your plants properly is critical. However, there will come a time when you have to stay away from home for a while. Ever wondered, how will you take care of your plants then? If not, let me suggest a critical one -  an irrigation system.


Irrigation System

An irrigation system can become your plant's savior. Also, while doing so it can save you a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, they come in both automatic and manual mode. So, you can get one as per your garden requirements.  Furthermore, when designing an irrigation system, keep the size of your property, the type of plants you're watering, and the amount of water they require in mind. Also,  ensure avoiding leakages through installation of proper irrigation systems.



So, as you may have read above, these are the four ways through which you prevent common house malfunctions. A house built in the right place followed by a proper design is how you can minimize the otherwise frequent malfunctions. Also, with proper awareness you can even start to invest in real estate.

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