Ways To Get Yourself Noticed While Working Remotely 

Work from home has been a blessing in disguise for many. After the pandemic, though many firms have resumed partial work from the office, remote working still dominates the working structure globally. Also, now with the new variant of the Covid-19 pandemic Omicron affecting people, resuming offices remains uncertain. 

Working remotely has its own pros and cons. While you can work in the comfort of your house, there are certain challenges that you might face being physically away from your colleagues and bosses. Therefore making you and your work visible to your superiors is a challenge for you. However, to get best results, employers should also know how to maintain employee motivation when remote working? 

Well, these ways to make yourself heard and your work visible in the workplace in a remote setting will be a great help for you. 


ways to get yourself noticed while working remotely


Ways to help you Better be Heard and Seen 


Encourage Internal Communications 

While working remotely, one major network that exists is the internal communication network to make the staff connect with each other. Opt for it and feel free to communicate with your colleagues or boss regarding your work progress. Update them with your insights and timely notify them about your contribution with suitable work ethics. Sharing things at the workplace strengthens the bond between colleagues and is also important for your sanity. Failing these, you might face the following: 

  • You might remain in a state of confusion regarding your work 
  • Lack of confidence 
  • You might be prone to imposter syndrome 
  • It will affect your output. 



While you are working in an office, your physical presence makes them aware of you being there. Therefore, even if you do not volunteer, you are noticed. However, you have to initiate and make your voice heard in a virtual setting. Say, if your boss has discussed an assignment that needs to be taken over in the near future, you should take the initiative and volunteer to take responsibility for that assignment, instead of letting them choose someone over you. Also, in the meetings, since you are not physically present, your reactions to the situations are not being noticed. Therefore, make sure you put forth your views at least once in the meeting. 


ways to get yourself noticed while working remotely


Be Optimistic 

While working remotely, you are working in isolation. So, being low or underconfident about your work and performance are some side effects of remote working which you might face. To avoid this, be positive and also reach out to your coworkers in a positive manner. You can help your co-workers get some relief by motivating them positively. Offering help to your colleagues is one way you can give them some relief. This also sends a message that they can count on you wherever they need someone. It strengthens your bond with your colleagues. 


Be Formal in your Dressing 

When you go to the office, you are properly dressed in formals. But, when you are at home, who cares how I look? Sure, it is very tempting to spend all day in lounge clothes. It makes you feel too homely and you get into more comfort zone than ever, donning your home clothes. This who cares attitude eventually makes you lazy. So, I recommend you dress up as your routine workday. Have a nice office place in your apartment and feel the office at home. 


Extracurricular Activities Matter 

Extracurricular activities often keep the entire office environment positive and energetic. You always look forward to these activities. You should not just attend them but participate in them. While working remotely, even if these activities are held online, being a part of them helps you stay motivated. You can also be a part of the organizing team taking the initiative to try your hands on something new. Agreed, you will have to work a bit out of the line, but this surely keeps you in the eyes of your bosses. 


ways to get yourself noticed while working remotely


Share Your Achievements 

Who likes to show -off? My work is visible; why should I tell it to everyone else? Are such questions popping up in your mind? Well, let me explain, telling about your achievements is not showing off yourself. You are right; your seniors notice your work even if they don't appreciate it. To make them think and tell good about you, you need to share your achievements with your bosses. It is necessary because your bosses might just not give you the right credit in front of the top management. So, voice for it. 


Always Attend Calls 

When you are away from work while going to the office, you have excuses for not answering calls after work hours. However, you do not have this liberty when you are working from home. You have to be on calls round the clock. Your availability makes your presence visible in front of your boss. 



Remote working may not be as easy as it seems for many. It is bagged with double responsibilities and trust issues. Keeping things transparent does become difficult because you cannot keep track of all your employees at a time. But, if coordinated properly and maintained transparency, these petty issues can be resolved. It also helps in notifying your hard work to your superiors. Getting yourself noticed keeps you out of trouble.


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