Ways to Incorporate Holiday Themes on your Business Website

Sunny Samanta

22nd Dec'21
Ways to Incorporate Holiday Themes on your Business Website | OpenGrowth

Do you hear the wind talking or see the thousands of birds gathered around in your backyard soaking the warmth of the sun on a chilly morning? Of course, you don’t, or perhaps you do. But this is more about magic than any science, someone would say. After all, this is the time for the much-awaited holiday season knocking on our doors when kids start writing letters to Santa Claus when elders start preparing for a long-due family and friend’s reunions. The time when work takes the backseat unless you are the Grinch. The time when every nook and corner gets decorated in red and sings “Jingle bell, jingle bell.”

In short, it is time for holidays and a long one at that. Christmas is a much-celebrated festival worldwide, and who doesn’t want to bid farewell to 2021 after everything it did put us through like the year before. So, what keeps you still waiting? Get your Santa hats and decorate the tree and hang some socks and wait for the day for Mr. Santa Claus to come riding on his sleigh. But wait, is it all you want from this Christmas or is there something more? Maybe, we can take a page out of the Grinch’s book and see this time as more than a celebration. A time to seize the opportunity. An opportunity to incorporate holiday themes on your business websites and unwrap extra visitors on your ecommerce website.

Yes, I understand creativity and idea development is not everyone’s cup of coffee; given the short duration till Christmas, the mood completely takes over, leaving us with no time to do anything. So, I decided to plan a gift for you to help you incorporate holiday themes on your business website for a good return during the holiday. And for it, I am here with some fantastic ideas to renovate and ready your website for the holidays. Let’s take a look.


Christmas Holiday


Ways to Brighten Up Your Website with Holiday Themes

Following are the seven-holiday theme ideas to ensure your website or blog accumulates more traffic than usual in this festive period.


Christmas Website


Get the Website Ready for the Season

First thing first, your website must remain ready for the season. For it, you may have to analyze and fix all the technical aspects of your website. After doing that, you must look to add some upgrades to your website for its better performance. For example, you can check for a hosting provider to plan for any surges in traffic. Next up, you can set up your payment getaway to handle more transactions efficiently. Also, you can look to incorporate more forms of payments. You even add some reward features to ensure the visitors get a reason to consider returning to your website again. And one more important thing you must forget is to upgrade your security features. 


Christmas Holiday Promotion


Get the Outlook

After you have taken care of the basic things of the website and have it ready for the season, it is time to make some minor adjustments. These adjustments help to set the tone of your website in sync with the festive season that you plan to target. And what better way to do this than to dress your website in the Christmas holiday theme itself. Make your homepage look like it is ready to serve some Christmas desserts and fulfill some wishes in the product or service the visitors want. 


Make Use of the Email Marketing

Yes, social media marketing, Google ads, and offline marketing have significant dominance in the field of marketing. But there is no one like email marketing. The tried and tasted forever marketing strategy continues to bring return whenever used in the right way. Primarily, visitors and commenters will immediately pay attention to your mail if you have it decorated with the right amount of words and, of course, offers. 


Put up Holiday Gift Packages

Holiday gift packages are a significant part of the holiday themes. The display of combo offers next to stand-alone products or services can prompt people to consider buying the designed holiday package or combo immediately. Now, you can display the offer as a limited-time offer to initiate an urgency amongst your potential buyers and make the most out of it.


Churn Up Interest

Now, after you have all of the things mentioned earlier ready, one thing you cannot do is sit back. Yes, don’t even think about taking a break. Enormous fortune requires a lot of hard work, so give up on rest for as long as possible during this holiday period. It would be best to look for ways to churn up interest in your target audience. One of the ways to achieve that is a video package. Yes, develop an excellent video package to promote what your website offers during this Christmas and New Year. Highlight the combo offers you want to sell the most and emphasize how it is a now or never deal.


Give Back to Customers

Understand the significance of holidays. Christmas is when people tend to give back or repay the good they have received from someone over a year or years. So, even you should set up your promotion and offers around this holiday theme. Yes, doing business is important but try to focus more on doing business that revolves around making this world a better and happier place. So, why not host a “Giveaway Contest” on social media. With this, you not only reward your visitors but simultaneously gain free promotions in the forms of “Like, Share, and word of mouth promotion.” And for this all you need is to identify your consumers' needs.


Welcome Visitors with The New Year

Since Christmas and New Year fall back to back, you can always use the Christmas promotion to target business for the New Year. It is a way to welcome people and wish them a happy new year. Furthermore, to make things interesting, you can add it to your Christmas offers that if they purchase before Christmas, they become eligible for the special New Year discount or offer.


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