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Ways to Maximize Your Home's Sale Value


30th May'22
Ways to Maximize Your Home's Sale Value | OpenGrowth

Trends in real estate industry keep on changing. The change in the market affects the value of your house drastically. Getting the best deal for selling home is all about making your home stand out. After the pandemic Covid-19 doing everything that can help you to make the most money on your house is important. 

Whether you are planning to sell your property or not, making home improvements can increase its value. But how? Don't worry! Here are a few ways to maximize your home’s sale value. 


Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Sale Value

The road to selling a home can be long and tough. These ways will surely help you sell your home at a maximum profit. 


1. Speak with an Expert 

Ask for realtors or interior designers to come and check out your home. Many realtors will do this as a courtesy, but you have to pay consultation fees, which is normal. Check out the best designers in your area and invite them. They will help with numerous suggestions for essential improvements to your property. Even a small suggestion can go a long way towards improving your home. 


2. Upgrade 

Upgrading your house is the key to maximizing your home’s sale value. You can upgrade your house by giving it a modernistic appeal, and this can be done cost-effectively. Choosing natural stone countertops for kitchens or replacing the windows and upgrading the entryway will help you catch the eye of a buyer.


Ways  to maximize home's sales


3. Necessary Maintenance 

Before putting your home on the market, do the necessary maintenance. Broken or damaged parts de-value the asset. This includes painting, repairing, and cleaning. A well-maintained home looks clean and updated, and that spells value. 


4. Improve the Air Quality 

Well, air-conditioned, ventilated houses will be appealing to the buyers. The older carpets in your home have contaminants and allergens. Make sure you hire a professional to test your indoor air quality. If the carpet needs to be replaced, choose eco-friendly carpets. It will also promote sustainable and green living.  


5. Stage Your Home 

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, “ Eighty-five percent of staged homes sell for five percent to twenty-three percent over list price and move off the market in just 23 days. “ Staging homes is a good way to sell your home at a good price. 


6. Update Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the central feature of a home. If your kitchen is outdated, it can affect how much you garner from a sale. Updating the kitchen before marketing the home is mandatory. For maximizing your home’s sales value, a kitchen update is key.  A minor remodel can help you impact your home’s value. Therefore, update the kitchen with modern appliances and modern hardware on your cabinets.


7. Bathroom Renovation 

Similar to the kitchen, updating the bathrooms will give you an excellent return on investment. Updating and replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing and lights will give your bathroom a modern look. 


8. Protect Your Home 

Protect your home with a home warranty. According to a study by the Service Contract Industry Council, “ Homes that include a home warranty stay on the market for less time and sell for more money than homes without a home warranty.” It is said that the buyer feels much peace and satisfaction by purchasing a home with a warranty. Moreover, the home warranty can be transferred to the new owner. 


9. Increase Square Footage 

The size of your home is directly proportional to the value of your home. The square footage is not only the space that counts, but visual space also matters. The visual space makes you feel how large a home feels. The key to increasing virtual square footage is to replace heavy closed draperies with shutters or vertical blinds. You can also add a single large mirror to make it look larger. 


10. Cleanliness Counts 

The first impression is the last impression! Make the interior of your home shine from the moment someone walks through the door. Hire a cleaning service and ask them to clear your home inside and out. Your home should be crystal clear to make someone fall in love with the property.


ways to maximize home's sales


Things to Remember 

Here are a few things you must remember before selling your home.

  • Work with experts.

  • Wait for the right time.

  • Set the right price.

  • Have multiple bidders on your property. 

  • Make essential repairs. 

  • Think about curb appeal.



Unless you are a real estate investor or professional, you need to ask for professional help and guidance to maximize your home’s sale. Therefore, before making a deal on your home, consult a firm understanding of its actual value. It will also help you avoid the issue of the house staying on the market for too long. 


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