What Are The Infinite Conflicts Of Hiring?

Supriti Tripathy

29th Oct'21
What Are The Infinite Conflicts Of Hiring? | OpenGrowth

For startups, bringing the business idea to life is not the only challenge. The process of hiring suitable candidates and building a team is highly taxing too. It’s a continuous conflict as to what standards to maintain while hiring. The innate desire to build a stronger team pushes these startups to hire quickly, compromising quality. But again, taking longer to hire kills the most critical resource of a business,i.e., time. So what can leaders do to bring a balance to the conflicting thoughts during hiring?

Leaders often become indecisive in the infinite conflict of hiring. Though they take every strategy to pick the right people into perspective, it usually does not work well. The reason could be many. Sometimes people may not have the required motivation even when qualified, or they may often be unwilling to change. In that case, how can leaders strike a balance between the speed and quality of hiring? How can managers keep workers happy and motivated? And most importantly, how can they maintain employee motivation to drive employees to give their best at work? 


Importance Of Effective Hiring

We often wonder that hiring may be the easiest job for human resource personnel. The personnel just have to match the qualification with the application, analyze experiences and select the best candidates. However, it is easier said than done. Hiring is a crucial aspect of business and is costly too. You decide to invest in a person for a long time based on his work standards. Companies usually take about 4-6 months to understand if the hiring was successful and the recruit is suitable for the work ethics. That’s why that 6-month time is called the probation period.


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It can be risky to hire the right talents for your startup too fast, as any error can cause additional expenses and headaches. If the person is not right, you will have to rethink rehiring and reframe the work structure to keep other employees motivated to their purpose. Losing time and money in the process will not be the only concern; hampered team culture and poor work politics will creep up because of the wrong hire. So, take a reasonable amount of time wisely selecting the right person and making the interview process effective. 


Steps to Hiring Right

Lookout For Right Talent

The first step is to prepare yourself with a structure for your business. Next is to keep your eyes open for the right talent. When you find them, create opportunities for them. It will always not be possible to accommodate personnel if there are no vacancies for a long time. But, rethink how vital the new talent is, the amazing skills they possess, and how difficult it was to find them. Doing so will help you create a channel to make optimum use of these talented individuals. 

Organizations often seek the right people everywhere but prioritizing connecting with them will de-stress them during the hiring process. 


Take Your Time

Hiring is a time-consuming process. It should be, and when companies hurry the hiring process, they end up with the wrong people. Leaders must invest about 25 percent of their time at the initial phase of the startup to hire. Prioritize hiring by conducting weekly meetings with prospective candidates and ensure a proper strategy to give you the direction. Remember, investing in the right staff is a bigger cost to the company financially and emotionally. Hence, make it count by planning beforehand.


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Clearly Define Job Descriptions

Many times the conflicts of hiring initiate because of the lack of clarity in descriptions. You must carefully frame the job description, which states your expectations from the recruit. If you are clear in your approach, there is a zero chance of hiring the wrong candidate. So, make a list of what’s really important to you. The candidate experience, work exposure, location preference, i.e., on-site or remote, specific skills, technical expertise, etc., are some criteria that will help you write a clear job description. Once you keep it ready, run it through your team for some valuable inputs. 

Sometimes you may have to re-evaluate some of the responsibilities because of the evolving times and changes in the work process. However, ensure keeping the document ready to save time in the hiring process. 


Mine Your Network

Today, many platforms are available to help you find prospective candidates like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. List your requirements there and track candidates. However, lean on your network because it might surprise you they assist you in finding the right fit over. It is important to understand the benefits of hiring from your network because:

1. Their association with you gives them an idea about what your work demands. Also, it gets easier to adapt to their way of working. 

2. Their recommendation for you can help people be more serious when you approach them. Known contacts always work like a charm, and it becomes easier to train them.

3. As you mine your network, you will progress faster with your hiring than relying on external sources. Also, most of the time, it proves to be a successful process.

In your approach to hiring from your network, remember to have frequent meetups, even virtual, and keep strong rounds of interviews to fight any internal conflict of the hiring process.


Trust In The Process

Once you have successfully hired someone, don’t waste time overthinking. Doing so will make you lose a perfectly good candidate. Gain the trust of your new team and motivate them to become better versions of themselves. With the right resources, a strong interview, and a clear job description, you will be satisfied with conducting successful hiring.  


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Challenges Are There, And It Is Okay

With everything falling in place, you will be assured to upkeep an incredible hiring system. It would be working in favor of your company and also minimize the infinite conflicts of hiring. Despite the strong system, you may still find disruptions. Employees may leave your company searching for better opportunities, or they may object over the work process. Do not panic in such a situation. Assess anything that you can improvise and take steps to implement changes. However, understand it is common to face certain challenges with hiring staff. All you can do to ensure a smooth process is early hiring, create a great company culture by setting a tone for the type of workforce you want in the organization. 

Matt Mullenweg perfectly summarises the hiring process. He says, “We focus on two things when hiring. First, find the best people you can in the world. And second, let them do their work. Just get out of their way.” 


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