What are the ways to celebrate Women's Day at the workplace?

Roshni Khatri

22nd Feb'22
What are the ways to celebrate Women's Day at the workplace? | OpenGrowth

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” –Serena Williams


Feminism is about empowering women and living life enormously. Women’s day indicates gender equality and praises all those women who are warriors in their fields. The Day glorifies the image of the females. Thus to acknowledge the integrity, dignity and potential of the women, international women’s day is celebrated on 8th March every year.


“Great leaders set the examples for others”. Last year we saw some strong pillars in the form of women like Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand and Angela Merkel, German Chancellor. Kamala Harris became the first woman president in the United States. There are some other examples of successful women like Michel Obama, Sairee Chahal, Oprah Winfrey, Sunita Williams, Indra Nooyi and many more. 


 Origin of International Women’s Day


In 1908, women marched through New York City for better pay and equal voting rights. After the very next year of the incident, National women’s Day was celebrated across the nation. In 1910, at the conference of International Socialist Women, it was decided to establish an International Women’s Day for all. 


The United Nations started to celebrate women’s day in the mid-70s. The day is now celebrated all over the world and in 27 nations it is an official holiday. Many corporations acknowledge women’s efforts and hard work at the workplace by appreciating and rewarding them. Our Friend Google also changes the logo to reflect the day.


It is important to empower women globally as women have proved themselves in every sector. In this process, the large and small enterprises celebrate women’s day to greet and welcome all the female employees in the company. This creates a significant impact on women in the workplace.


Ways to Celebrate Women's Day at Workplace


Why is it important to celebrate Women’s Day in Corporations?


Over the last few decades, women have become an integral part of the corporate world. They have immense thought processes and creativity to lead the organization successfully. Even some industries which have been considered the men’s forte have welcomed women, entrepreneurs.


It is often seen that the organizations which are having a women workforce achieve higher growth and success. Women are better leaders and administrators. According to the survey of McKinsey across 60 major organizations, 53% of the entry-level workforce comprised women, 40% at managerial level and 35% as directors. Besides this 27% are Vice Presidents, 24% are senior vice presidents and 19% are executives.


Women’s day provides the opportunity to the management of the company to acknowledge the dignity, integrity, efforts and contribution of the female workforce. This makes them feel valued. It is the best platform for corporations to keep female workers motivated.


By Celebrating Women’s Day organizations can convey a message to the women employees about creating a fair, safe and keen atmosphere with equal opportunities and growth.


The Ways to celebrate the Women’s Day at Work Place


It is important to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of women in the workplace. Many enterprises celebrate women’s day. The mistake that organizations make while celebrating women’s day is just focusing on females. 70% of men believe that gender diversity is the prime element and they comprise 83% of C-suite executives.


Leaving them out of the conversation would not be fair. Your successful corporation is proportional to the level at which you promote women's empowerment. It is a major part of your business.


So considering all the employees and taking the active participation of all is important. As far as celebrating women's day is concerned, a virtual entrepreneurship program can be arranged for female employees. Here some ways to celebrate women’s day at the workplace are described as follows:


Inspirational speech by influencing women achievers


It is always better to listen to inspirational stories. For celebrating women's day, organizations may invite the influencing women. These women can share their ideas and personal experiences with the employees. Their experiences can create a positive impact on other female employees.


With this, they can provide some suggestions to overcome the challenges in professional life. These sessions can be very helpful in motivating the female employees and provide the confidence to face the challenges at the work front and in the personal life.


Ways to Celebrate Women's Day at Workplace


Webinar on the financial wellbeing of the women staff


Successful enterprises need to ensure the financial safety of women employees. This provides immense mental, physical and emotional support to them. Management of the company can organize the webinars by the financial experts on how the women can manage and enhance their financial capabilities. Being independent in managing and saving funds is the best tool to boost the confidence and self-esteem of women employees.


Recognizing and Rewarding


Recognizing the efforts of the women staff in completing the tasks successfully and efficiently is the best way to celebrate women’s day. Besides it, the rewards can be given to the women employees for their quality work and performance. With this, the corporation can provide gifts also.


Decorating the Office


It is important to make the women employees feel special. For this, the office and especially the desk of the employees can be decorated. You can make some beautiful cards with the specific quality of a particular employee and put them at their desks.


This will change their mood and make them feel happy. With this, you can decorate the office with some beautiful flowers. These small activities can create a joyful atmosphere at the workplace.


Ways to Celebrate Women's Day at Workplace


Social Media


Social media has become a powerful tool for expressing any feeling. You can take some inspirational pictures and quotes on women empowerment and publish these on the company’s website on women's day. The prime goal is to motivate the other companies of the industry to participate in recognition of the day.


Organizing the fun and games


A competitive match like football or cricket can be organized for the employees. The fun activities can be organized between men and women such as cleaning dishes, folding cloth, soothing a crying baby, sending official reports, wearing women's attire and many more. These fun activities can create a joyful environment.


The results of these activities may be hilarious and a message can also be conveyed about the traditional roles of women. Besides this, these activities reflect a message that equality is important and the traditional roles of women can be shared at home.




By celebrating women’s day, the corporations may deliver a message about gender equality and diversity at the work front. The time has come to appreciate and acknowledge the greater participation of women in professional and everyday life. Women are the core part of human society. Their active participation in almost every field and sector of life cannot be ignored. It is very sad that in many areas women are still fighting for their rights. So we must appreciate and promote women and their hard work as these are the stars of our society.


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