What Does it Mean to be a Covid Warrior?

Sunny Samanta

5th Jul'21
What Does it Mean to be a Covid Warrior? | OpenGrowth

“Covid warriors were the heroes the world so desperately needed and now the world forever will be indebted to their selfless service.”

Is there anything wrong if we conclude Covid-19 synonymous with the year 2020? Leave your comments below if you don’t agree or have any other way to define the disastrous 2020.

It is not just the year 2020, but even the ongoing 2021 has been a tough one for everyone worldwide. As the world was battling against a new disease, Coronavirus, people everywhere were forced down to lock themselves up at their homes. Numerous countries imposed a lockdown to combat the spread of the noble Coronavirus. It was the worst disease humankind has witnessed in almost a century. It was like the reminiscence of all the apocalyptic movies we watched in theatres, home, and smartphones too.

The Coronavirus brought humankind to its knees, and people everywhere were losing hope as they watched millions get infected and millions succumbed to this fatal disease. But as we say, in the moments of complete darkness, people can discover the courage to fight back, and that is precisely what happened. And these are the people the world today refers to as “Covid Warriors” to honor them all as the world witnessed the virtual revolution.


Frontline Workers


Our Frontline and Health Care Workers

When the world was beginning to reveal its ugly side, some individuals stood up to say and literally spoke, “Not on my watch.” It was none other than our least appreciated and often berated frontline and health care workers who decided to risk their lives to save others. During this time, we realized their actual value and learned to appreciate them for all they did to help others in these distraught times. Today, the world today salutes and is indebted to all the sacrifices they made to save a lot of us and to create awareness for containing the spread of Coronavirus and staying safe.




Our Leaders

The world would have been nearing the apocalyptic phase today if not for some of our leaders worldwide. When handling the Covid-19 pandemic, we can always criticize and nitpick their decisions and timing, but let’s give credit where it is due. If not for all the steps taken in the wake of the pandemic situation, the world and its people would be in tatters today. Yes, we lost our friends, family, jobs, home, and some of us, even their future but their decision to impose lockdown and even curfew in certain places saved so many people from a possible dire fate.





Some of you might wonder what “Us” is doing here? What have we done to be in here? Yes, there is no denying that it was mainly the efforts of our doctors and health care workers who did the most and risked the most in this pandemic situation. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that even we had a role to play in this whole pandemic situation to stitch a path to recovery. Many of us lost jobs and our loved ones, but still, we carried onto the hope whose foundation was laid by our frontline workers, and this alone can be a lot for so many people. So, while it may not look like we have contributed anything to the cause, remember we did great simplify by listening to our doctors and science experts and stayed indoors while following covid-19 protocols to contain the virus. As a result, we were able to maintain our work life harmony in such stressful times even hiring a domestic help was risky.



So, if anybody asks what does it mean to be a Covid warrior? I believe the answer is somewhere between doing anything and everything possible, from saving lives to following the Covid-19 protocols seriously.

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