What Does it Take to Create a Business Breakthrough?

Roshni Khatri

14th Mar'23
What Does it Take to Create a Business Breakthrough? | OpenGrowth

It can be difficult to start a major business breakthrough if you don't know where to start or what's holding you back. Now, I understand. I observe numerous business entrepreneurs who are constrained by the glass ceiling and trapped in the early stages of development. 

I can relate because I'm at heart an entrepreneur. I've also been there. I understand what it's like to set boundaries for oneself based on previous actions and preconceived notions. 

Let's explore more ways to create business breakthroughs!


My experience

I will share my experience with you. I started a business and poured my complete potential into it. Then one day my business partner took over control of my business and this incident shattered me. I had reached my lowest point and had no idea how to get out of it. I had the option of letting the loss determine how I would proceed in life, but I chose not to let it define who I am. 

I made a firm commitment there and then to never launch a business using other people's money. I discovered how to start and expand enterprises without funding or resources. 

And once I figured it out, I learned even more about other aspects of running the business, including how to conduct business impact analysis vs risk assessment, how to stay organized, protect from ransomware, and what to do when faced with challenges.

First of all, I persisted in attending despite the difficulties. I then faced my delusion that I identified with failure. And finally, I had a strong intention for my future in business and carried it out. You see, changing your business does not require one major event.


What is a breakthrough?

Breakthrough in business is about a setback or an ineffective constant effort that is made by you but still, it doesn’t reap. So we can say that you have been grinding through many few years and trying to make your business successful and profitable. But that all goes in vain as you eventually do not find any success in it. 


Business Breakthrough


Besides this, these all incidents compel us to think whether entrepreneurship a good career choice or not. But with consistency we can win the game!


Emotional breakthrough for entrepreneurs

In our culture, successful business people are viewed as heroes. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are heroes to us. And we rejoice at the Inc. 500 firms' breathtakingly rapid expansion. Nevertheless, a lot of those businesspeople, like Smith, struggle with hidden demons. Before they were successful, they battled through periods of anxiety and despair that were nearly incapacitating and moments when it appeared as if everything might fall apart. 

Such feelings were considered improper until now. According to social psychiatrists “Instead of being vulnerable, business executives have engaged in impression management, sometimes known as "fake it until you make it". 

Toby Thomas, CEO of EnSite Solutions uses his favorite example to illustrate the phenomenon: a guy riding a lion. When people see him, they think, this guy's got it together! He is brave, declares Thomas. And the man riding the lion is contemplating how in the world he managed to mount the animal and how to avoid being devoured.

So not everyone who ventures out into the night does so safely. Famous e-commerce website Ecomom founder Jody Sherman, 47, committed suicide in January. His passing shocked the startup scene. Also, it rekindled a conversation that had been started two years prior with the suicide of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the 22-year-old co-founder of the social networking site Diaspora. 

Recently, more business owners have started talking openly about their issues to fight the stigma associated with melancholy and anxiety that prevents sufferers from seeking treatment. 


How Can You Strike off From a Business Breakthrough?

Here we are discussing some prime ways to create business breakthroughs have a look:

1. Express oneself

Environment control belongs to you. Neither do any people. You must be there in a setting that offers the opportunity, resources, and people needed to promote breakthroughs. Attend a conference where like-minded people might offer a different frame of reference for your company. Invest in a workshop, webinar, or mastermind to participate in. 

The appropriate book may ignite and support transformation. A business breakthrough won't happen by itself, though, if you don't consider yourself responsible for showing up. Put yourself in a position to adopt a fresh perspective and spark the change required for your business to expand and scale.


2. Discover the "Why"

Consider it this way. “How would you develop a sound solution to a challenge you don't fully understand? Determine the bottleneck before attempting to cause a breakthrough”. What the problem is, whether it be a flaw in the system or a false belief, and why it is a problem. 


Business Breakthrough


Such as you consider hiring a new employee who is eager to get started and full of energy. The team member has some fantastic suggestions, but you reject them all! Yeah, we tried this idea before and it didn't work, you say. Or perhaps because you mishandled the execution? 

Or perhaps you lack the necessary information to make it work? A breakthrough may require going back and thoroughly examining the reasons why a certain concept failed.

After all, the concepts are plentiful. Execution is where the money is. Also, by using an analytical method, you can collect the information you need to complete the project or idea correctly the next time.

So it is advisable for you to know the challenges before starting your own business as it would provide you with a clear picture. 


3. Be intentional while acting

You won't be heading towards a corporate breakthrough any time soon if you don't act with purpose and in large amounts. The more deliberate training and activities you engage in, the more adept you'll get at identifying and resolving issues. Pay close attention to all the gradual changes when you take daily significant action: 

  • How did your group extinguish the tiny fire?

  • What tools did you employ to speed up a certain procedure?

  • You had to adapt to what places and when, and how did you do it? 

A company transformation is not a single "wow" moment, but rather the accumulation of numerous minor victories that lead to a breakthrough. It's a procedure, not an occurrence. In conclusion, you must always act with intention and show up with your "why" in mind. Work hard enough, and pivotal innovation will materialize just when your company needs it most.


Business Breakthrough



Innovation in business models can help organizations dominate their sector and outperform the competition. Yet not every innovation is made equally. Here are some tips for pressing the reset button. All innovations, however, are not created equal. In short, when you have to focus on the ways to create a business breakthrough, don't worry as you can restart a career from home as well. 

The majority of well-established businesses inherited their prevailing logic by imitating prior successes or the strategies of their rivals. Instead, ground-breaking businesses transform the way they conduct business by innovating their business models. By inventing new industries or altering the laws of an existing one, they render their rivals obsolete.


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