What is a Covid-Status Certificate, and How to Get One?

Supriti Tripathy

26th Aug'21


When we realized that Covid and its variants are here to stay for a long time, we built norms to survive with it. That includes showing your Covid status through certificates. Different countries have customized rules to the extent of use of these certificates. NHS(National Health Service of UK) has mandated the Covid-status Certificate or Covid Pass for people traveling abroad and attending certain public events. The Covid Pass will soon transform into a Covid Passport shortly, working to reduce restrictions on social contact and boost the economy, ensuring the safety of people.


How to Get the Covid Certificate?

If you possess the Covid Certificate, it implies that you are not carrying the virus. Let's get a country-wise need of these certificates.


  1. In the UK 

You can get the Covid Pass if

  • You are 18 years and above

  • You have had both the doses of vaccination

  • A negative PCR test report

You can receive the pass within two weeks of your vaccination or immediately over a negative test result. However, a 180 day wait period is for those who show a positive PCR test report.


  1. In New Jersey 

You can get the Covid Certificate if

  • You have completed both the vaccination

  • Took both doses of vaccination in New Jersey.

You can receive the Certificate within two weeks of your second dose.




Possession of Covid Certificate

The Covid-status Certificate displays a reference number and additional details about you and your current Covid status. The countries have different ways to let you access the certificates. Here is how you get yours.


For the UK

You have to log in to the NHS app or its website and download the PDF version of your Covid Pass. You will have an expiry date mentioned in the pass. For vaccinated individuals and who have developed antibodies, the pass is valid for 30 days. People who show a negative PCR test report get a pass valid for the next 48 hours. However, the digital version requires you to register yourself with a GP surgery in England. 

You can also get the pass physically delivered to your registered address and use them to travel abroad during Covid-19 and attend public events that necessitate it.


For the US

Usually, you receive the Vaccination Certificate at your registered address within two weeks of your second dose of vaccine. If you have taken either of the doses outside Jersey, you will get only a single dose certificate. However, residents can expect double dose Certificates soon in such cases when they provide legally accepted evidence related to their vaccination.


Reason of Certification

Covid Status certificates will enable keeping the country's functions on track at different phases of the pandemic. Here's how:


  • The Certificates will help us differentiate between the carriers and the Covid free individuals.

  • We can take steps to isolate the causes of infections based on their severity.

  • We can reduce the spread of the virus by keeping people away from risky surroundings or huge gatherings.

  • The certification will help people build a sharp civic sense and encourage them to take their vaccinations seriously.

  • It can help the economy to return to normalcy with the operations of workplaces and institutions.




Essential Considerations

Every country is dealing with the pandemic in its possible way. Considering the situation, the UK Government has decided not to make the Covid-status Certificate a mandate for the entry of visitors. However, regulations will still be in place for public health and wellness benefits. Children below the age of 18 do not need a Covid-status Certificate as of now. There are few exemptions for people who have taken the trial vaccine or recommended a vaccine delay on clinical grounds. 

The apps and websites of Covid certification reveal no personal information other than the people's records concerning their vaccinations or test reports. It's important to note that the certificates are only proof of vaccinations and imply that the person is at a lower risk of catching and transmitting the virus. But they are not Covid free. Also, the PCR tests (that are close to accurate) skip a few new virus variants. So without a guarantee of infection, the most vital aspect we should not miss is taking utmost precaution till we are in this epidemic. Moreover, governments everywhere are putting their best foot forward to invest in additional boosters and frame new policies to check the health of the civilians. We can only hope for a positive change sooner!


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