What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and What Does it Do?

Roshni Khatri

11th Jul'22
What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and What Does it Do? | OpenGrowth

If you are an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you attempt new things and research the market for cutting-edge and in-demand goods and services. As the competition is quite high and in such a threat cut competition it is important to capture the attention of the customers. This can be accomplished by offering the newest products in accordance with consumer demand. So, if you're interested in developing products, you should be familiar with MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It is a product development technique, where the new product is introduced in the market with the basic feature. This article will briefly discuss the Minimum Viable Product and its significance. 


What is a Minimum Viable Product?

A minimum viable product is a version of the product that the company wants to launch in the market. It can be a car, TV, Laptop or any product. The motive behind this is to collect feedback and response from potential buyers. This helps in making the final product more effective. If there is any issue or error found then the marketing team looks into this and takes the respective measures to resolve the problems. In other words, the viable product helps to release the product quickly in the market. 

The focus is on the customers to attract them to purchase your product. In short under the MVP process, you offer the product to the customers and observe their buying behavior. Well, it is better to see the people what they are doing with the product or service rather than asking them what they would do.  Besides this, you should also know how to reduce negative side effects of your product, as it would enable you to create a better image in the market and enhance the returns as well.

In the software industry, the role of MVP is wider as it enables the team to receive the user's feedback as early as possible to improve the product. Thus the MVP plays a versatile and significant role in agile technology. In this article, we would briefly discuss the Minimum Viable Product and its significance. 




Prime Motive of Minimum Viable Product

Minimum viable products help you to launch the product instantly in the market. This also enables you to deliver the product with a smaller budget. The prime goal to use this strategy is to attain user feedback. So it helps in learning more about the customers, their choices and preferences. If you understand all these concepts then it would be easier for you to develop a full-fledged product. Thus we can say that the motive behind a minimum viable product is to create a working product that assists you in validating your idea with the minimum cost.


Features of Minimum Viable Product

There are three prime features of a minimum viable product, these are as under:

  • The product would have enough features and attributes to purchase the product.

  • This MVP has a feedback mechanism so that the user would be able to send a response about the particular product to the company.

  • And then lastly your product should have future benefits so that the customer can accept the product.

The prime intention behind availing the feedback is that the necessary changes can be made in the final product. So the response of the customers enables the company to make the product according to the aspirations of the consumers. Thus  MVP is the smart approach that helps in:

  • releasing the product in the shortest time in the market.

  • Mitigate the losses and failures.

  • Enhance the consumer base.

  • Work with the buyers’ preferences and assist in analyzing their choices and tastes.

  • Provides information about what works and what does not work for the product. 

Thus the idea and concept of MVP are easy and simple but some organizations do not understand it properly and the idea fails. In the process of creating or generating the perfect product the companies lose the core value of the product as they add all the features in the product, this makes the MVP overloaded and the company may fail to lose its money in the market.

Companies overload the product with several features and they forget to focus on the key functions of the product. It is crucial to understand the set of basic features is not meant to forget about the prime features of the product. You have to provide a viable and working product to the customers that enable them to find the right choices. 

Well, gradually you can add some features to the product for its betterment. The golden tool is to add each extra feature in the product at the time of the release of the MVP as it can offer a better option to the customers in solving the problems faster and better.  In addition to this, it is essential to assess how is market product fit changing the market pattern as it can tweak your product in the minds of customers and can surely increase your returns.





How Does MVP Work

MVP is the best mechanism due to its two key elements: the first one is to collect feedback from the customers and the second is to assist in the funding of the business. The companies chose a group of consumers, they are the ones who are the first users of MVP that is still to be a complete product. They provide useful feedback to the company and the corporation charges the fee for their MVP. 


Once the MVP is out this chosen group of first customers provides helpful suggestions, and the company starts working on these responses. The majority of the time, consumers are entirely ignorant that a new and improved version of the product is already in development. The ultimate objective of MVP is to create a full-scale product that meets user needs, wants, and expectations. The minimum viable product serves as a roadmap for entrepreneurs and developers to help them navigate the error discovery process in the most effective manner. The finest part of it all is that customers are warned that the product they are holding or having delivered to them may contain mistakes.

The business makes all necessary disclosures so that users are aware of what to anticipate. So we can say that consumers and businesses gain from the two-way process.



Minimum viable product not only provides the solutions to the companies to introduce a new product rather it provides them with the opportunities to serve their customers with the best quality products and services. However, you must make sure the product you are launching has a significant influence on customers and provides the precise results they are looking for. Consequently, using the minimum viable product approach is beneficial for start-ups as well as for businesses looking to reinvent their goods by choosing the product development strategy.


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