What is Gamification and How it Works?

Sunny Samanta

9th Sep'21

From kids to adults, there are billions out there who love games. Why wouldn't they not? Games are fun, engaging, help with bonding, and can potentially turn any tedious activity into interesting. If we look back for a fact, people have been playing games since 3100 B.C. So, it alone adds to how much people adore games. Not to mention but also, it has led serious issues such as game addiction.

Furthermore, today the top ten gaming companies such as Nintendo, SEGA, Konami, and Electronic Arts (E.A.) are worth billions of dollars. The craze lasting over eras and decades had been growing so strong that currently, we have a new thing developed due to games. It is called Gamification.

Gamification has become a modern world sensation. Today many organizations and almost 50% of Startups are implementing elements of the game to their strategies in the market. Nike has built its own gamified Nike+ that tracks running statistics. Likewise, we have another giant in Starbucks that has successfully implemented gamified rewards into their loyalty programs. So, with these two companies alone, I think it is evident that gamification is the next big thing. But what is gamification? Well, isn't that why you are here? So, let's read about it.




What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to the implementation of the gaming elements in non-gaming environmental places such as online websites and learning management systems to encourage participation and increase engagement. With enhanced concentration and improved participation, organizations and management nowadays aim to inspire collaboration, interaction, share, and even sell products. Also, it helps with improved online communication with the consumers.

To explain with an example of the impact of technology. i.e., gamification is capable of, consider a monopoly game with friends and family members. Now, usually, such games are played in a friendly manner mainly for enjoyment and fun. However, despite nothing important at stake, you may feel compelled to do your best in it and, as a result, win the game. It is because gamification can instill in us the potential to do better in every circumstance. And knowing well enough about it, today's use of gamification is profoundly seen in educational and business settings. Some organizations are even using gamification strategies to make the videos go viral in places like Youtube and other social media platforms.




How Does Gamification Work?

While the advantages of gamification are known worldwide, many people can still not make it work. Then some people believe that gamification is some façade and it doesn't work. To the latter, you can simply ask them why some apps like Candy Crush and Minecraft have millions of downloads and many people still play them on their smartphones and tablets? To the former who are still unsure about how gamification works, here is an explanation of how to make it work.

Competition is an undefined impetus that exists in every person. It is just the type of competition that alienates many people, big or small, one specific kind of competition. In other words, we can say that people are hard-wired for competition. You present them with a simple quiz or problem to challenge them, and you can immediately see them rise to the occasion. However, like I said, "Different people prefer different types of competition." As a result, to make gamification work for you or your business, you need to figure out the fair competition that can engage many of your potential customers. Also, it would be best if you can stick with an easy to moderate type of gaming element to bring engagement. After all, the casuals will most likely skip anything that may take a lot of time.

Another thing that is essential for making gamification work is rewards. People love rewards, and when competition is back with rewards, it automatically will encourage more people to participate in the contest. Even in your workplaces, you can notice that better performances can impress your boss and management and ultimately bring in promotions for you.




Gamified Conclusion

The most common conclusion that we can draw from gamification and its work is the psychology behind it. Gamification elements allow the consumers to believe they are more in control while moving from step 1 to step 2. Also, it helps the organization know places they excel in and places they need to put in more work. Furthermore, it makes people gain a sense of achievement, which plays a crucial role in helping a business retain and gain customers.


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