What Is It To Be A Female Founder in the Covid Era?

Supriti Tripathy

7th Oct'21
What Is It To Be A Female Founder in the Covid Era? | OpenGrowth


Don't limit your challenges; challenge your limits! – Jerry Dunn

What business has ever taken off without challenges? It is one of those historical eras that can build up generations through a positive example. There are immense opportunities to innovate and diversify to start something unique. Though we can't deny the extra hardships of business for women, we can appreciate the present times. I say this because we have the resources and the qualifications to initiate a change. It's the plunge that's taking time.

Covid-19 gave us time to reflect on what we have been missing. It also made us analyze if women are equally paid for their work. As much as it's necessary, a female founder in the Covid era must check out the evolving market and consumer preferences. That's the reason we see many females resorting to starting their ventures during the lockdown. Thereon, they must mix their observation with passion and confidence in their path of entrepreneurship.


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What Key Areas to Develop For Your Business Visibility?

Brand Value

It is challenging to build your brand value when you start your business. However, relying on digital sources can help quite a deal. People these days are technology-dependent and rely on online products and services. To reach them via popular online portals like Google, Facebook and Instagram, create an innovative need-based content that viewers can connect to, and then marketing would go easy. By doing this, you ensure the visibility of your business, also keeping your capital investment in check.


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Learn the Value of Keywords

One of the effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies is to use keywords to describe your products or services on your website. Keywords enhance the search procedure and directly potential audience to your webpage without having to contact them directly. Once you get the crowd on your page, you can strategize on exciting them about your products. You can ask them to subscribe for offers and discounts and build your network effectively.


Phase-out the Monitory Aspect for Running Business

Every start-up needs financing to establish itself. Phase-out your plans of financing it. Do you want to bootstrap your business, or do you need investors? Learn different kinds of investors and choose the one that suits your requirement. In all cases, you will have to explain your business plan and share its practical applications. Investors may come with their experiences over financing female entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they also check the expected profit percentage you believe you can make in running a business. Draw a sheet with potential costs that you think could incur in the process.


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Make Use of Available Resources

With the post-pandemic scene, rely on the resources you can access and build on them. For example, make maximum use of technology that is abundantly available. You can use Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype for hiring and communicating with your teams. Pay a nominal charge to subscribe to cloud computing services and access their data centers to store your records and documents. Working for a change takes time. The idea is to optimize resources use and generate a successful business.  


Build Network

One of the crucial parts of a business is finding people to work with you, try your products or share the word. Networking ensures everything goes smoothly in your industry. Delve into the social sites and connect over the many platforms. Find the right customers and share about your venture. Building connections is easy but growing a rapport with people to turn them into long-lasting relationships is challenging. So try to enhance relationships by appreciating them over their successes.


Be Prepared with a Counter Plan

Things are bound to go wrong as a female founder in the Covid Era. No, it's not because of the gender issues; it is because businesses fail. But that does not mean you should cry over it and stop chasing your dreams. Learn from your failure and own your mistakes to see the road ahead. Check out other success stories of businesses and find your solutions. Pick up where you left and create improved products.


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Follow Up

Business people get so busy with everything around that they forget to follow up with their connections. To build relationships and for better business prospects in the future, learn to follow up with potential customers, investors, etc. If you push through with determination, no force can ever stop you from becoming a leader.


Read Up

Today there are many books and articles about successful women entrepreneurs. When you fail to motivate yourself, resort to these books and learn through their experiences. Life is too short for cringing about something you cannot do. There is positivity everywhere. Just work hard and find ways out of challenges.


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Empower Yourself 

Do not let the Covid bring back the years of fighting for equality to nothing. Put on your most potent weapon, i.e., your confidence, and learn dancing with destiny. When you empower yourself by giving in to your commitments, you empower women globally. As a female founder in the Covid era, you must know that tough times are perfect for taking a plunge and making the most of opportunities. Think about the impact of some improved product or service; you will get a lot of support and visibility. When you start working for a change, you create a chain reaction and inspire women to join the movement.    


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